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Using CLR?

The one reason why I am excited about .NET is the whole CLR deal... the idea that you can write a program in multiple languages and they can interact with each. HOWEVER, I cant find any information on how this is actually accomplished. Are there any tutorials or anything online? Anything that can point me in the right direction? Thanks a bunch.

Sunday, December 8, 2002

The CLR/CLI is an ECMA standard - available here:


Duncan Smart
Sunday, December 8, 2002

Or did you mean to ask: "how can I use different languages in the same application"?

  a) write code in one language compile to a DLL, then reference this DLL from another application written in ANY other .NET language.

or b) Compile the different parts, in different language into "modules" using the command-line compiler switch "/target:module", then you can link the various modules together into an executable Assembly using the Assembly Linker, AL.exe.

Duncan Smart
Monday, December 9, 2002

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