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ASP.NET, Crystal Reports, and TTX files

Migrating ASP pages into .NET. Our crystal reports in the ASP use an ActiveXViewer and a TTX (Active Data - Field Definition File) to set up the report layout. We are not attached to a database table but programmatically grab data from several tables massage the data creating a temp table and populate the report from this temp table. The TTX file was the easiest way to define the report data and not have to connect to a database.  To date I am successful in getting the report to display in .NET but not with my query data only with the field sample in the TTX file. It is not dropping the TTX file and using the dataset I assign for the report source. All the on-line samples show a direct link to a table in the database which I do not have as I create the table on the fly in the ASP page. Any Suggestions? Thanks

Kathyann Melsha
Thursday, December 5, 2002

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