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.Net and marriage

For those who used .Net, if .Net was a woman, would she be someone you would:

a) just date but not marry?
b) marry?
c) or marry then date?

I heard Java was a language/platform you would date for now, but dump for the sexier .Net.

From what I heard from professional programmers around the WWW, .Net would be someone you would date for now but had marriage potential.

Then again, it's the right tool for the job I guess.  So your bosses, specifications, etc. all decide what you use most of the time.  Still, if you could choose, which would you do? Date, marry, or both to .Net?

Sunday, November 3, 2002

j2ee is my wife, and Dotnet is the hot slut I sleep with on the side.  (Our biggest client is J2EE, but I do as much sidework with dotnet as I can.)

Vincent Marquez
Sunday, November 3, 2002

As soon as our clients want to leave Unix, there may be an opportunity to date .Net. Not in the foreseeable future.

Damien Bonvillain
Monday, November 4, 2002

I'd marry .NET after the first date. Of course J2EE is pretty sweet two. If only I could have both....

Andrew Lewis
Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Don Box: "COM was like an ugly woman with a heart of gold. You really had to want to fall in love, but once you did, it was forever. Java was like a beautiful woman with horrible breath. Sure she looks great from across a crowded room, but you really need to overlook certain annoyances if you plan on spending any time with her. The CLR is like a great looking woman with nice breath but since you are her first fling, you can't ask her ex for pointers on how to get along with her"

Duncan Smart
Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Java and .Net?

as a judge once said: "the punishment for bigomy is two mother-in-laws"

and you know those mother-in-laws just don't get along..

Thursday, November 7, 2002

Java is a beautiful rich woman.  Many would like to marry her for the simple prestige of it.  She's high society all the way.  She doesn't like football or any of those other "low-class" sports.  She's really quite snobby.  She keeps dangling this loose prospect of money.  Everyone you've ever talked to says she's loaded with money, but you have a hard time getting any of it.

.NET is a loose girl from a nouveau riche family.  Her dad likes you and is constantly giving you perks to go out with her.  She's loads of fun.  However, her dad is really, really sleezy.  Rich, but sleezy.  Oh, and you're not allowed to take her outside of Seattle for the forseable future.  She has a younger sister, Rotor, that's still a pre-teen.  Rotor is allowed to go outside of Seattle, but only to San Francisco and Los Angeles.  There's this Mono chick who looks like she's a member of the family but .NET's dad doesn't acknowledge her exisitance.  She's a jail-bait teenager with an unpredictable personality.  Not being officially part of the family, she's allowed to go wherever she wants.

Richard WouldRatherNotBeOnRecordForThisComment
Friday, November 8, 2002

I will mary .Net, and take as much as I can from her. I'll drop her and mary her little sister .Net v2 once I can grab her...

Etienne Charland
Monday, November 11, 2002

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