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OldSchool ASP Objects in .NET?

Is it possible to use dotnet dlls from oldschool asp?  I have a couple ASP 3.0 sites i'm working on that need some custom stuff, and it would rule if I was able to use some of the c# dlls i've written with them. Is this feasable?  Is it possible with some hacking?  Anyone heard/done this?

Vincent Marquez
Saturday, November 2, 2002

.NET provides COM interoperability, but I get the impression that it's easier to consume COM from within .NET than to go the other way.  Search the online help in Visual Studio for "COM Interop" -- there's an article in there titled "Exposing .NET Framework Components to COM" that should get you started, at least.

Be aware that thanks to marshaling, performance may not be so good.

Sam Gray
Sunday, November 3, 2002

I actually wrote a tiny beginner's article on this for MSDN - it's at .  It's really pretty simple.

But ONE BIG FAT WARNING: Due to stupid editing at Microsoft, the part of the article that tells you how to assign a strong name to a VB.NET assembly is WRONG. Though it was possible to do this entirely in the project in the beta, they took that out for release. So when you get to the part that tells you to go to the property pages that don't exist, use the sn tool to make a strong name instead (sn -k keyfile.snk at a command prompt), and then reference that file with the AssemblyKeyFile attribute in the AssemblyInfo.vb file.

Mike Gunderloy
Sunday, November 3, 2002

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