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MSI Installer problem

I have a project with an installer program. There´s a custom install action in the main program that does some work during the install. This used to work perfectly but all of a sudden I´m getting this error:

"Unable to get installer types in the C:\foo\bar.dll assembly. --> One or more of the types in the assembly unable to load"

The path is correct, the .dll is there but somehow this error keeps coming up. It first came up after I changed some code in the install function but even after I changed it back the error remains. I´m using visual studio 2003 but had visual studio 2005 and .net 2.0 installed but removed them yesterday. I´m thinking that there might have been some conflict because of this. Anyone have an idea what the problem is? Found a few people with the same problem on Google but nothing there that helps.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

There is a way to debug custom actions by setting an environment variable "MsiBreak" to the name of the custom action. It might help.

Friday, April 22, 2005

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