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Unable to create/edit Views, Tables..  from VS .N

    I'm working with few examples from a 70-315 exam prep book. I'm trying to view the Table design...    edit/ create views from VS. NET environment. But when i right click on the View node under Data Connection tree i get only "Refresh" & "Properties". According to this book..  i should be able to create new views from here.
I'm working with a SQL Server 2000 local installation. VS .NET is connected with the DB, as i tried other examples and i'm able to read from the DB.
My SQL server installation is a 120 days eval installation...  has this got anything to do with the behavior ??
I tried using the 'sa' login too...  but not acting any different.


Monday, March 21, 2005

Which version of do you have?

I believe you need to have the Architect version to be able to do this.

I ran into a similar problem a couple of months ago with 2003 professional. When I installed architect it worked....

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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