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what's better to navigate pages?

I'm designing a ASP.NET web based software that pulls information from a database, i'm new to the world of web programing.

I have a page that has results for list of games. When a user clicks a game link, I could

a) open a new page as "gamedetails.aspx?id=<somevalue>


b)trap the clicked for the link button and set an internal property for a gamedetails user control, and load it.

My basic question to the web gurus is, what is a preferred way of opening pages? do you prefer passing parameters to the page and opening it explicity as in (a) or do it hidden in (b), why would one design be better/or preferred? how would you do it?

Monday, March 14, 2005

I always like to put as much as possible in the URI because then the user can put the link in their bookmarks or send it to somebody else.

Users generally expect to be able to copy a link and to be able to use it elsewhere. And as Joel so rightly said, you should always try and make your application behave like the users would expect it to.

Colm O'Connor
Tuesday, March 15, 2005

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