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Porting VB ASP.Net program to new server

I have obtained a new server.
I bought a new machine to run my application faster.

It's running XP Progfesional same as the old one that is running/serving my ASP .Net application.

The machine listens for the web request on port 81.

How do I go about porting the application to the new machine.

I remember something about a webtop, and doing some kind of Internet configuration and maybe starting a new service?

But it was about 2 years ago I had somebody help me set this up and those memories are nowhere to be found.

Gary Miller
Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Without knowing what the application is, it is difficult to be specific.

If the application is a commercially available application then I'd expect you'd be able to re-install it on your new server using some available documentation. Maybe look on the web for documentation. If the application is home grown then you still need to repeat the installation steps although they may be less well documented.

If there isn't a setup program and/or some installation instructions then it might be possible to manually configure the web site/virtual site using Internet Information Services by configuring it until the settings are identical between both machines. It sounds as though you'd also need to install, configure and start a service (Administrative Tools, Services) but without knowing the details it is impossible to be more specific.

There is also the possibility that the application maintains a database. The data from the database would also need to be migrated. Again it is difficult to be specific but the general solution is to backup the data on the old machine and restore it into the database of the new machine.

I hope this helps.

Mike Green
Thursday, January 13, 2005


You can use the Projecf->copy web project also.

.NET doesn't use registry - you need to move your aspx pages over and the bin directory over.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Hi Mike and Steve thanks for all your help.

I wanted to provide some more info since it seems you are both so knowledgeable and I did not provide enough background to really give me a complete answer.

This was not a commercial application.  I developed the .Net code myself but hired a guy to put a wrapper around it.  No documentation or install script because I thought I didn't need any at that point and was getting off cheap. My bad! 

The application does not use a database it just logs flat files to the directory that shares it's input data files.

That directory already exists on the new machine.  I copied it there.

There is another directory under C: called  Inetpub with subdirectorys under it that the web portion of the app resides.  The subdirectory under Inetpub call wwwroot seems to hold my web application files.

I've been trying to copy Inetpub to the new machine but the copy fails  saying "Cannot copy CiSP0000: It is being used by another person or program"

I am assuming this one of the web services that is running is using a file in this directory but I am not sure which service it would be or which ones I can safely shut off.

Also is the Inetpub created by installing II or was this created solely for my application by consultant?

That's important because if it was created by II services then I probably don't have those installed.  Is that install off of the XP Pro CD or off of the Visual Studio CD?

Thanks again,

Gary A. Miller
Thursday, January 13, 2005

C:\Inetpub and various subfolders such as wwwroot are created by installing/enabling IIS. I suggest you do a fresh clean install/enable of IIS on your new machine if you haven't already done so. IIS is a component of Windows XP, not Visual Studio, so you'll probably need to insert the Windows XP CD to achieve this.

Then you should be able to identify which files on your old machine make up your application. Hopefully you can just copy those over rather than attempting the full Inetpub folder tree. If you find you still have locked files from the old machine application then you could temporarily stop IIS (and re-boot if necessary) to ensure that your application isn't running and therefore isn't holding any files locked.

Good luck.

Mike Green
Thursday, January 13, 2005

Oh, and you may need to create a virtual directory.

Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Admin Tools --> Internet Information Services.

Use the tree-menu control to navigate to your default web site, and then find the directory where your program is installed. Right click, and choose properties.

In the directory tab, under "Application settings", the Application name may be greyed out, and starting point is <Default Web Site>. If so, then click on the create button.

Assuming IIS/.NET was installed correctly, that should be all you need to do.

Details at

Friday, January 14, 2005

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