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Whats up with .NET Scripting and vsa?

I am trying to add a scripting add-in to a commercial application. The app presently includes the MS scripting control in vbscript mode only.

I prefer .net because of the VBScrip.Net retrofitting (very neatly done)

I tried the Andrew Clinick  ScriptPad from 2001? Could get it to compile on the command line but not to run and discovered that I am not alone. What happned with the vsa SDK?

I picked up quit a bit from the apress! book on the making of Sharp Develop.

My present undertsanding is that vsa was a thin wrapper over CodeDom. It is dead.

Saturday, January 1, 2005

A while ago I read through the two entries on .NET VSA scripting and looked at the code. I didn't try to compile or run the ScriptPad app, but the info was enough to get me up and running. I did my app in C# and used the JScript VSA engine and everything worked OK.

My app wasn't huge and I'm sure I haven't covered any corner cases, but the VSA stuff built into the base class library made adding scripting a relative breeze.

Maybe writing a small standalone app with added scripting will give you a better start before tackling the commercial app.

Anthony Hawes
Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Microsoft have pretty much given up on scripting with .net. It was very horrible. You either use VSA (which is on its way out) or compile .NET code in the background.

Me (and others) stick with msscript.ocx (VBS) which works really nicely

Saturday, January 15, 2005

There is a thing called cscscript that lets you "script" in C#,but I think that it is really compiling on the fly or something.

I like the idea, but it is not very easy to use and does not work  that well.

Why is are there so many projects like this in the Java world and no fun tools in .Net?

C# is a decent language, but I hate it when I have to write projects in it, because there is always something do to that is stupid for me to do myself but in .Net there is no tool that already exists to do it. 

I hate .Net.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

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