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.net hosting w/ Office lib seems rare..

Ok..: came out with another problem (check the Office interop post )..
Was checking different hosting offers and realised that none was mentionning MS Office installed, and one explaining this:

<quote >
The news is a bad news. We cannot offer OWA until MS change its licensing scheme on this product. Why?
1) We need to install one of the office application on the server
2) all client accessing the application with owa needs to have office license.
Unless we ignore the license, there's just no way to install this on an internet server. I know some companies out there are doing this but they definitely violated MSFT's license.

Do someone here have some app using Office online? Or at least know which host would provide it?

Thanks a lot!

Friday, December 31, 2004

> Was checking different hosting offers and realised that none was mentionning MS Office installed

Read the license for Office automation. Perhaps it's not the same as the Office 2000 days, but back in O2K you had to get a license per accessing user. By the most militant definition that means if you have 20 salespeople visiting your O2K-enabled website officially you have to 20 twenty O2K licenses even (for the sake of argument) if at any given moment only 1 salesperson log in at a time (concurrency is something you can artificially force at the code level)... however if each salesperson has O2K already licensed on their PC (the PC they use to log in) it's alright.

In short, you can't just buy 1 license for your webserver and call it done. In this instance a Linux or Mac user without a licensed Office should not be allowed onto your machine.

Now you can imagine how silly it is for ASP hosts to support O2K+, they are obligated to ensure everything is licensed, and currently there are no office licenses that is condusive towards such hosting situations.

Li-fan Chen
Friday, December 31, 2004

If you are serving documents for your company. Chances are these data are about your customers. You might want to think twice before handing these confidential data to a $20/mo webhost.

Li-fan Chen
Friday, December 31, 2004

Simple solution: only write internal apps for your company, which has licensed Office on all it's computer.

Once again Microsoft is catering to internal corporate developers. Essentially relegating to Sharecropper status:

You can farm this small area and keep the profit.

You can write apps for this company and keep the profit.

But leave the big farming to us.

Mr. Analogy {ISV owner}
Monday, January 3, 2005

simple answer: office apps do not scale well.  they never were designed for or intended to do so.  there's several ms knowledge base articles that state such.  do so at your own peril.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

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