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Bamboo.Prevalence & Prevayler - Fact or Ficton

OK - So I just stumbled onto this and found myself saying ...hmmmm ... could this be.... would be nice... I think...

So, if anyone out there knows about this stuff - well I would love to hear some opinions.

Check this out

Now back to reality...

nick katsivelos
Friday, October 22, 2004

Could be nice... for a very small subset of programs. First all your data has to fit in memory. Second, it's slower than MySQL for transactions. Third, you never want to share your data anyone else, or take advantage of any SQL expertise.

If your program fits within that subset then give it a try.

(Fourth, the Prevayler website is terrible. It reads like some god forsaken stream of consciousness brain dump.)

((Fifth, arrgh, just read some more of that website. It boils down to this: the developer is smart and great, if you don't use Prevayler you're dumb and ignorant.))

    Flava Flav!

Flava Flav
Friday, October 22, 2004

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