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Retrieving OLE Objects From MS Access

A customer send me an MS Access database that contains image data as OLE Objects. My task is to retrieve these images and store them on the hard disk.

The images where inserted with copy and paste, therefor the db field does not contain the raw image data. Instead, the data is wrapped up with OLE Object metadata. Simply extracting the field content as a byte array and save it to disk does not work for this reason.

MS only provides example code to extract PhotoPaint OLE data. For the OLE Object header identifies itself as "MS Photo Editor 3", this code is not applicable.

Anyone any idea?

Friday, October 1, 2004

you may need to run the appropriate object. i'd guess ms photo editor is the one which used to ship from office (mysteriously cut from office 2k3, but in office xp).

ole embedding is terrible because of this: it's not embedded data in a known format, it's embedded data in whatever random proprietary format the software wanted to use, so you now have word docs and access databases which contain data which can't be read by any supported microsoft software.

Sunday, October 3, 2004

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