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Good resources for learning VB.Net?

I'm currently investigating doing some development work using VB.Net; specifically, I am looking to create a front end application to an ODBC-connected database. I've never developed in VB at all (I come from a unix programming background). Where would be a good place to start? Note that this is a client application, not a web service.

Wayne Earl
Sunday, October 6, 2002

Any reason for VB.NET?  Why not use C# or C++?  Maybe they'd be more familiar.

At any rate, you'll want to get Visual Studio .NET (Enterprise Developer at least, Professional doesn't have all the integrated DB development tools).

ODBC for now is available as a separate download, and adds the namespace Microsoft.Data.OdbcClient.  Find it at, which is also a great place to start getting into .NET.

Michael Giagnocavo
Monday, October 7, 2002

No need to START with the Enterprise edition. Professional has plenty of database stuff to get you started.

You may not need to download the ODBC piece, depending on which database in particular you're using. If it's Jet, SQL Server, or Oracle, all the bits you need are built in to the .NET Framework 1.0. Even for other types, you may find OLE DB (which is also built in) to be a better choice.

Other resouces:

- If you intall the .NET Framework SDK (free download), you get a whole set of tutorials (they'll show up on your Start menu after install) which are a good place to get familiar with the basics. They don't use Visual Studio .NET, though, so they skip some of the easy ways of doing things.

- There are any number of beginner-level books out there. You might look at MURACH'S BEGINNING VISUAL BASIC .NET, which has lots of figures and instructions for the beginner.

Mike Gunderloy
Monday, October 7, 2002

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