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Tabbed Daty Entry Question...

I am writing an ASP.Net data entry app. The user will complete fields on a webform with several tabs, and then commit this information to the DB by means of the submit/save button.

My question is regarding this implementation. On submit, should I just pass the appropriate parameters to the relevant stored procedures, or is it a better idea (in .NET) to fill the data into a dataset I've defined that mimics the structure of the underlying tables, and then use the dataadapter to update the DB.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this...


Thursday, September 30, 2004

I would probably just submit the data to the stored procedure directly.  Putting the data in a dataset seems like an unneccessary extra step, unless you are going to do some processing on the data before submitting it to the database.  A dataset is going to require extra cpu cycles and memory allocation.

Not a Guru
Thursday, September 30, 2004

I assign the stored procedure to a ADONET Command object and fill in the parameter collection for the stored procedure directly.

You are supposed to be able to make the update action for a DataSet reference a stored procedure rather than the actual table, but I only ever use datasets to read data, never to update it.

I have just been too lazy to dig into the details of all the fancy drag-and-drop DataSet stuff.  I am tolerably good at writing stored procedures, and when I'm done what I have makes sense to me and is debuggable.  I am convinced, possibly wrongly, that soaking my head in DataSet esoterica is unlikely to yield substantial benefits over what I'm already doing.

Perhaps I am just bitter after wasting my time on the VB 6 DataEnvironmentDesigner (or whatever it was) all those years ago.  :)

Matt Conrad
Monday, October 4, 2004

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