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slow databinding?


I'm binding an ArrayList of a company class to a dropdownlist.

I am choosing the company Number to bind to the value and text properties of the dropdownlist.

In order to fill the ArrayList, I am executing a stored procedure that selects against a view.  My SQL Server query analyzer says the data (400 rows) is being returned in 1 second.

The problem is that in order to view the resulting dropdownlist on the page it takes a LONG LONG time for 400 records.  I thought  sure, 400 records should take awhile...but not just 400 company numbers, right?

So I tried caching the control because this control is on every single page of the site.  The problem with caching the control so it doesn't hit the database on every page refresh is that now I don't have access to any of the methods or events in that control.  When I change the dropdownlist value the event doesn't fire.

Any hints or suggestions are much appreciated.


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

well, I've set enableviewstate to false.

I shrunk the class size to two properties only and it is a tad faster.

The kicker is that setting the dropdownlist selected value to a value in the session is slowing it down significantly.

I wonder.

Any other hints?

Thursday, August 26, 2004

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