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Rockford Lhotka's CSLA framework

Has anyone used Rockford Lhotka's CSLA framework (or a derivative) in a software project?  Was it useful?  Did you have and problems or difficulties with the framework?

I'd like a good framework/architecture that I can use in a variety of projects.  It looks like the CSLA framework is flexible and probably meets all of my needs, but it may also be overly complex in most situations.  Any comments?

Ewan's Dad
Thursday, July 29, 2004

I have used it extensively in my past few projects. It works better with forms projects, but a little tweaking makes it just as useful with ASP.NET projects.

There is also a thriving group of codesmith users that have provided code generation templates at

Jason Watts
Monday, August 2, 2004

I have used it for a major ASP.Net application. It is an outstanding framework. It does everything Rocky claimed in his book and then some.

I also use Codesmith. Eric J. Smith has built a fantastic time saving tool. I use it to generate Rocky's Business Objects and Data Access code.

Joe Fallon
Tuesday, September 7, 2004

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