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C++ web service boondoggle

i am a c++ writer who was faced with interfacing some existing core code with a web service. visual studio .net 2003 wanted me to use C# and VB real bad, but i moved forward with a c++ solution with the help of a handy walk-through and got all of my code through the compiler.  all worked fine for the first release, web service front end, badly-behaved native code back-end. 

my web service host was then then migrated from http (port 80) to https (port 394?) and my app would not work after re-discovering the web service and rebuilding.  two exasperating days later i had dug deep enough into .net to find a little snippet of code that threw an exception if the port was anything other than 80.

so my question to the forum is:

1. did visual studio build me an http (vs https) web client because of some statement it found in the WSDL?
2. or is c++ not presently able to create an https web client?
3. or is c++ in its complex way forcing me to use some less trivial method to write the web service other than having visual studio "add a web reference"
C# (which i had to move my front end to) and VB both had no problem creating a working web client.

it seems clear to me, reading the documentation, that microsoft wishes i would abandon c++. now. does anyone else feel that way?

chris ruff
Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Why in god's name do you want to stick with C++ when you can be using C#? :-D

Brad Wilson (
Tuesday, July 13, 2004

https is port 443

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

"..Why in god's name do you want to stick with C++ when you can be using C#? :-D .."

why in god's name would you say that, as if C# were better that C++? MS is crap all together, but C# is wayy
worse that C#.
Who needs "reflection" classes? What the fuck are they for?
Intropective moments? To refect upon your true ideals, logical or not? To find the "other" answer to 2+2? At least CObject/CDocumentCView/CDialog/ ect. was artful, until morons (are you one of them? ) came along and made it a joke.

I'm not just using the net either.

Master of the local viallage.
Monday, August 16, 2004

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