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Can not upload web project

hi ,
I am a .net beginner. I have three os in my computer Win98,WinServer2000 and Linux.

Now the problem: I copied a webproject in wwwroot directory,  which(web project) is developed in another machine . I created virtual directory for all the web application and webservices of webproject in IIS. when I am running the project ,it is not loaded. In the solution explorer it shows unavailable in fornt of webapplication and web services. While loading the project it shows error message " Can not upload the web project 'name of webservice'  " and also shows message".

plz provide me the solution and reason for this problem.

any answer will be highly appreciated.


Sandeep Tikariha
Friday, July 9, 2004

Dig around in the *.sln or *.webinfo or *.csproj files with Notepad - there's likely a reference to the original machine name or the path is wrong.

Duncan Smart
Friday, July 9, 2004

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