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Im working with delphi 8:

I created an inherited form.
I had an image that was available for both parent and child form.

I played with this image (because I needed to change it) and now in the frmChild.InitializeComponent
When this form (the child one) trying to use its resources I get this exception:
“Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture (or the natural culture) in the given assembly…”

And offcourse my program crashes…

The resource is created by the “Windows Form Designer generated code” and the code line is:
  resources := System.Resources.ResourceManager.Create(TypeOf(FrmChild));

I also notice that Delphi created a new resource file called:
child. resources (which doesn’t exists in other inherited forms that I created - the once I didn’t play with the image).

Does any one have any idea how to make it work? And how to make the error disappear?

One more thing:
If I change manually the code to be:
resources := System.Resources.ResourceManager.Create(TypeOf(FrmParent));
I don’t get the exception but I also don’t get my image… 
And anyway Delphi generator will override my change

Monday, June 21, 2004

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