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ListView ScrollBars

Hey guys,

I'm playing around with Windows Forms to build some simple windows applications.  I'm using the ListView control in quite a few places as I want multiple selection and drag and drop.  However there's only ever one column, no headers and occasionally I use an icon.

However I'm having some problems with the scrollbars. Essentially I have 3 list views,  docked to left, right and Fill.  They're seperated with splitters.

There are a quite a few items in these views and consequently, a scroll bar is introduced.  However I want the list to scroll vertically, never horizontally.

I've googled around and looked for some hints but haven't found any.  Does anyone have any tips?  I'd also be interested in 3rd party Custom List controls if they're worth the money.

Michael Koziarski
Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Set the View property to Details (and HeaderStyle to None to remove the column heading) and it should only scroll vertically.

Duncan Smart
Wednesday, January 7, 2004

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