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Multi Lingual and ASP.Net

I have a site developed in ASP and some pages are converted to ASP.Net.

I have data in Greek language .

When i browse my site , the pages in ASP show the greek chars as ??? , however handles it and shows it correctly .

If i change the Codepage in ASP to 1253 it ASP can handle Greek chars.

My Q's is i have not added any special code in pages to handle greek chars, then how come it works in pages and not in ASP.

Ms Pinky Shetty
Tuesday, December 16, 2003

ASP.NET responses are sent back marked as UTF-8 (the 8-bit multibyte Unicode encoding). ASP.NET doesn't use code pages. Since UTF-8 can represent the entire Unicode code points -- including all Greek characters -- there's nothing special for you to do (like setting the codepage in ASP).

Brad Wilson (
Tuesday, December 16, 2003

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