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IIS fix which allows it to run ASP .NET after it h

I have a problem with IIS:

I have installed VS .NET 1.0, and so my IIS could run ASP .NET pages. It was ok - it worked correctly, etc.

Then, I installed VS .NET 2003, and uninstalled it.

And after that, I made a lot of other modifications, installs, uninstalls, tests, etc.

Now, ASP .NET refuses to run. No matter what I did to IIS, it doesn't run ASP .NET pages.

I have tried configuring IIS. I have tried reinstalling IIS, and then installing dotnetfx.exe.

It didn't help - my IIS still doesn't run ASP .NET.

Is there a "fixer" tool which will force all IIS settings and all .NET configuration files to the default, correct values which allow it to run ASP .NET?

Or, is there a "complete IIS and .NET remover and killer" which completely removes IIS and .NET including all the strange XML config files, so I can install again, from scratch?

I'd like to avoid a complete machine uninstall, which will take 2-3 days and mean a lot of hassles. :-(

Thank you!

Wednesday, December 3, 2003


it's in the .net framework directory under windows

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Thank you, mb.

Now I have another problem. :-(

I went to Control Panel Add/Remove and uninstalled the .NET Framework.

Now, when I run dotnetfx.exe, I get the message:

Setup can not install Microsoft .NET Framework (English) v1.0.3705 because it is already installed.

I have tried deleting the C:\Windows\Microsoft .NET, but the message above still appears when I run DotNetFX.exe.

A Google Groups search for that message turned up empty - there were some messages, but there wasn't any solution to the problem.

Wednesday, December 3, 2003


I have found a solution to the problem, so I'm posting it here.

No matter what I did (reinstalled IIS, reinstalled VS .NET, reinstalled Windows Component Update, etc), my IIS refused to run ASP .NET pages. Also, VS .NET was unable to upload projects to IIS.

I have solved this. How?

1. From Control Panel Add/Remove, I have uninstalled the .NET Framework.

In fact, I did this using Advanced Uninstaller Pro, but you can do it using the Control Panel Add/Remove, too.

2. I have tried to install the .NET Framework (1.0) again using DOTNETFX.EXE, but it refused to install, saying that it is already installed.

So, in order to force it to install, I did 2 things:

a. I have deleted the C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET folder, which contained some leftover XML config files in it's Config subdirectory.

b. I have searched the registry for the string "1.0.3705" which is the actual .NET Framework 1.0 version number, taken from the error message above. I have deleted ALL entries I found.

I used Registry Crawler for this, but you can also use RegEdit.

3. DotNetFX.EXE installed very nicely.

After this, guess what - IIS ran ASP .NET pages very well. Debugging and setting breakpoints work. Etc.

I think that step 2A described above was crucial to this, because I have erased the leftover config files which are used by ASP .NET.

I have tried to reinstall .NET framework a few months ago, but succeeded somehow without step 2 described above. However, the reinstallation didn't fix the ASP .NET problems.

Wednesday, December 3, 2003


I have very strange prob with .net installation. First I uninstalled IIS and then I installed .net framework and VS 2003. After some time I reinstalled the IIS. But when I try to open the internet service managet it displays the message " Unable to connect to computer PRASHANT". PRASHANT is my computer name. Please help me out

prashant gupta
Friday, January 30, 2004

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