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msvcrt.dll vs msvcr70.dll

Does anyone know of a way to force vc++7 compiler to link against (old) msvcrt.dll rather than (new) msvcr7x.dll? 

The reason I ask is that my co. is distributing a software product built w/vc++6 which links against a 3rd-party dll. This dll can be built with either vc++6 (which is OK) or vc++7 (which is NOT OK).

The problem is that our code deletes objects which were allocated in the 3rd-party dll, thus both have to use the same CRT and heap mgr.

We could package up both VC++6 and VC++7 versions of our app/libraries, and install the appropriate one depending on which compiler is on the machine, but this is a big hassle and error-prone.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Bill T.
Thursday, September 18, 2003

You might want to ask in the regular Joel on Software forum - I'm sure some of the guys there could help you.

Duncan Smart
Friday, September 19, 2003

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