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extending the portal as website

We are trying to use Portal codebase as our base framework for our intranet site and trying to extend its functionality. Basically this is what we want to do.

Looking at the way site is working, we are wondering whether we can acheieve that functionality. like having various tab as a header. But Portal architecture is not going beyond one level ie one tab for one layout. If you look into site, it goes beyond single level like when you click on Forums or Control Gallery tab, it goes to next level. we are trying to mimick exactly like "Control Gallery" tab. By clicking our "Division" tab, we would like to show the page where various division links are displayed. By clicking anyone of this link will take me into next level like "/defaultdir/division/defaul.aspx". For this to happen, we need to store this second level of information somewhere like XML or SQL server and here is where we are held.

any thoughts?


Monday, August 18, 2003

I haven't looked at the Portal solution site. But what you're trying to achieve is pretty straightforward.

Yes store the site navigation structure in an XML file, eg:
  <Tab Name="Fruits" Url="~/Fruit">
      <Node Name="Apples" Url="~/Fruit/Apple.aspx"/>
      <Node Name="Bananas" Url="~/Fruit/Banana.aspx"/>
  <Tab Name="Drinks" Url="~/Drink">
      <Node Name="Cola" Url="~/Drink/Cola.aspx"/>
      <Node Name="Beer" Url="~/Fruit/Beer.aspx"/>

Use Control.ResolveUrl() to translate the special ASP.NET "~/" paths to paths for your application. Then when you come to render the tabs etc just lookup Page.RequestUrl (?) in the File with a simple XPath query and you can render the tabs/links appropriately from that.

Duncan Smart
Monday, August 18, 2003

Thanks Duncan. I guess I wanted to remove xml datasource altogether because it will be a problem when working with multi developer environment and so we wanted store all the info in the table. I found the following site useful as it was built on portal desgin

<a href =""></a>

Still we are planning to modify this to suit our requirement

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

You can also use the tabstrip control.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

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