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Opening a non-local project

I have a development server with the full code of a .Net web application on it.  When I try and open the project in Visual Studio 2003 I am told that the project must match up with http://localhost/<project name> - does that mean I _must_ have a local copy of the code I can't develop on the (backed up and generally looked after better than my laptop) development machine?  Or do I have to point my webserver at a mapped drive?! 

I tried creating a virtual directory on a mapped drive or pointing a virtual directory at the UNC path to no avail (IIS gives error).  Anyone got any other ideas?

Thomas David Baker
Thursday, June 19, 2003

Easy fix...

Open up the project's "ProjectName.webinfo" file in notepad and you'll probably see something like:

<Web URLPath = "http://localhost/MSCMSNavControlTestApp/NavControlTestApp.vbproj" />

change the 'localhost' to the dev server's hostname and save it.

You should be all set from there...

Thursday, June 19, 2003

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