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Using word in a winform application ouch!

Oh the joys of c# and .net? Why is it so difficult to write an application that uses a decent word processing element (MS word) embbeded within? .net support for office is very poor, yes the new office system may support it etc.. but do all potential users have the latest version of office?

You can host it in the browser component but don't get toolbars, ok if just reading docs not if editting.

So after much searching I found DSOframer on the MS site this activeX container allows hosting of word, excel etc in a winform and it works quite well, except on a compaq tablet PC where the application locks when the container is destroyed, funnily right click on the task bar button of the locked app frees it up.

Has anyone else out there used DSO or maybe has other suggestions for alternatives, your thoughts would be welcome.

Monday, June 16, 2003

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