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Bugs in the VS.NET C++ IDE?

I am wondering about something. Ever since I started to use VS.NET C++, alongside the familiar VS 6.0 IDE, I have experienced the most appalling Intellisense behaviour. I mean, it just don't work. I delete my .ncb file as often as I can get myself to restart the IDE. After such a restart Intellisense works for about 2 seconds and then it hops about seemingly at random. I am wondering why I don't read the same reports from other people? Could it be my machine's general degradation?

Let me be more precise.

I am used to working from the Class View, usually having organized my projects according to classes inside folders, instead of according to source files. Very OO oriented. In 6.0 I can doubleclick a method or class name and actually land up on the definition of the item I was clicking on. Not so in .NET. Sometimes it doesn't even send me to the correct source file and if it does I land up some random place in the file. This phenomenon is not a rare occurrence: it is there all the time every day! As a workaround I have been forced to use the "Visual Basic" dropdown on top of the edit window to find my function definitions (there the Intellisense works, funnily enough).

Is this a bug or what? My guess this is due to some internal (lack of) thread synchronization: VS 6.0 starts about 10 threads whilst VS.NET needs 35 (thirty-five) separate threads just to run the IDE.

I would love to hear from some MS guy that this bug has been fixed for the next release...

Stephen Muires
Friday, September 20, 2002

Try Visual Assist from Whole Tomato. I can't stand writing code without it... ;)

(they have VC6 and .Net versions)

Mark Zeren
Friday, September 20, 2002

Tried it. Sure, it's nice. Doesn't solve my problem, though. I just want to be able to click on and in the Class View and be teleported to the correct spot. Just like it always used to work.

Stephen Muires
Thursday, October 3, 2002

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