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Differences between ASP and Asp.Net

What are  the basic differences between ASP and Asp.Net.Please send me the details of both the concept.

Dalwinder Kumar
Monday, May 5, 2003

There's an entire section in the .NET Framework SDK help file titled "Migrating ASP Pages to ASP.NET". That will give you the rundown on the many differences.

In general, you'll probably have more luck getting answers here if you ask questions that are (a) focused and (b) not immediately available in the help.

Mike Gunderloy
Monday, May 5, 2003

Indeed, or:""+differences

Duncan Smart
Tuesday, May 6, 2003



Well, really, you can use ASP.NET almost exactly like classic ASP, but you won't gain much.

In the begining, there was CGI (1st gen).  They let you respond to web requests dynamically.  All HTTP settings are passed to you through environment variables.  You must parse the request and spit out the proper HTTP headers along with your content manually.

1.5 gen is mod_perl and FastCGI.  These let you run CGI in the process space of the webserver and give you more integration with the server (allowing things like custom authentication).

2nd generation - Embedded scripting langauges like PHP and ASP.  Script code is intermingled with HTML.  You are provided with automatic Session tracking and the Request and Response are nicely abstracted.

2.5 generation - JSP w/o any framework.  Much like 2nd gen, but pages are compiled on the first request.  Allows use of standard Java libraries and adds nice interaction with Servlets.

3rd generation - ASP.NET, J2EE, JSP/Struts.  Use OO methodologies to design web applications.  Further abstract away Request and Response to the point where you rarely need to access the Request and Response objects yourselves.

In the case of ASP.NET, web pages are designed very much like native Windows applications, with differences necessitated by the stateless nature of the WWW.  Buttons and other controls have events.  You wire an event to a function.  You manipulate the UI through abstracted code, not by directly spitting out HTML.

Now, this is only one branch of the evolotion.  Somewhere between gen 1.5 and 2, XML comes into the picture as a completely different way of doing web development.

Richard Ponton
Friday, May 9, 2003

ASP and ASP.NET have only slightly more in common than Java and JavaScript.

Dave Rothgery
Monday, May 12, 2003

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