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Web Service Encryption

I've been trying to decrypt an encrypted SOAP Package that comes from my web service. I have implemented the DecryptionKeyProvider Interface, but I'm not sure which settings I should use in my APP.Config file to tell it which class to use.
My App.config entry is as follows:
    <decryptionKeyProvider type="SymmetricEncryption.DecryptionKeyProvider" />

My Class is called DecryptionKeyProvider, in the namespace SymmetricEncryption.

The decryption functions are not being executed, so my receiving program can't understand the SOAP Packets.

Can anyone help?

Jim Dunstan
Thursday, April 10, 2003

After making a support call to Microsoft, and being redirected to Microsoft France, I have the answer to this problem.
The type name I used in the app.config file was not correct. It should read :
      <decryptionKeyProvider type="Complaint_Download_Wizard.QAPlus.SymmetricEncryption.DecryptionKeyProvider, Complaint Download Wizard" />

Complaint_Download_Wizard being the name of the assembly.

To get the fully qualified name of the DecryptionKeyProvider Class, create an instance of DecryptionKeyProvider using its' namespace, and then get AssemblyQualifiedName from this type, thus:
Dim DKP As QAPlus.SymmetricEncryption.DecryptionKeyProvider
DKP = New QAPlus.SymmetricEncryption.DecryptionKeyProvider()
msgbox (md.GetType.AssemblyQualifiedName)

put the first two items from the list returned into the decryptionKeyProvider tag of app.config, and bingo! Decrypted SOAP messages.

Actually, it all seems so obvious now.

Jim Dunstan
Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Errata : md.GetType.AssemblyQualifiedName  should be


Jim Dunstan
Tuesday, April 22, 2003

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