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how to use array in DB file

Hi everyone, I just joined this group
I have question and I hope anyone can help me..

I have a table, in this table there is many fields with different types of format
I want one of them to be as 2D array.
so how can I make that….

I’ll highly appreciate any help

mahdi omer
Sunday, January 5, 2003

There are many solutions to this
a) Redesign your Database

b) This field that you want to act like 2D array must be a unique key (autoInc).
Add a second detail table (2D array Values).
In the detail table there are 3 keys
1) The foreign key from the 1st table
2) One Sequence field for the first dim (autoinc)
3) One Sequence field for the second dim (autoinc)
and one more field for your data.

now you can access the array like this
select DataField
From ....
where Foreignkey =  Foreignkey
    and FirstDim = 1
    and SecondDim = 5
and you got the data from the array[1, 5]

i hope you help with this ...

(Hellas) John Vinis
Monday, January 6, 2003

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