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Delphi 7 questions

Is Delphi 7 Professional worth the upgrade (we're using Delphi 5 Professional here)?

Are many source code changes necessary?

Does anyone know if TEmbeddedWB still runs with Delphi 7?

The Delphi Fan
Saturday, November 9, 2002

Delphi 7 is definitely worth the upgrade if you're doing web services amd XML stuff. You also want to at least start moving away from the BDE for database access since it's not getting any more upgrades. Built-in theme support is useful, but D5 theme support can also be had from for free.

The major source code changes I've had to deal with were in components, not applications. Porting Turbopower's Orpheus component library was BRUTAL, and I STILL don't have all the property editors working. But the components are useable and I'm cheap, so . . .

Several of the units were refactored, the Variants unit leaping to mid immediately.

Earl Dunovant
Sunday, November 10, 2002

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