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     Joel on Software Dinner in Rome Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek) (41 comments)
     What's the best bitmap editor? John C. (23)
     Interview procedure question Ran (14)
     What does "Straw Man" man? Herr Herr (7)
     Microsoft patch timings and virus/worms Manish Bansal (18)
     Got a solid product - now what? billy (30)
     Alpha-Blended Icons In CityDesk John Topley ( (24)
     Google dino (9)
     Cold Fusion inquiring mind (33)
     Education kudos on resume proud, but not wanting to be vain (76)
     How do you maintain error numbers David ( (12)
     Security Clearanceo foo (21)
     How many lines of code... A Great Designer (17)
     Justified text Manish Bansal (9)
     How many times can you half a number? Numerically Challenged (12)
     "The Bug" The Bug (8)
     Better Undo Functionality Matthew Saul (10)
     never never ever do a code rewrite? al (30)
     Exception handling Subhash (19)
     Strategy when interviewing a prospect PM? Unsygn (18)
     Is a EULA important? Mr. Analogy (8)
     eternal business cycle nameless (11)
     What's paxlogica all about then? Tim H (nosey parker) (12)
     Do software developers have poor social skills? Marcus Leon (46)
     Why doesn't the "g" act as a link ? Steve Jones (UK) (87)
     Microsoft's Future Roy (38)
     How to enter big companys? redguardtoo (6)
     If nobody reads manuals...? Boofus McGoofus (13)
     changing background michael (36)
     Qualifications Now Or Later? Zyrus (4)
     Eating Dogfood to early Gp (1)
     Who writes functional specs Irfandhy Franciscus (8)
     Tech Ed 2004 Andrew75 (7)
     Career path Josh E. (27)
     Value of an MSCS from a Public University David (44)
     Why won't this work? Philo (39)
     file access restriction entell (16)
     Using the MSHTML widget from VB? Fred (4)
     Have you ever had to refund anybody? Daniel Howard (4)
     How much browsing do you tolerate? Ferdy (10)
     City Desk And XML Jessica Boxer (9)
     Web site accessibility Neil Hewitt (5)
     AntiAliasing Text AnyMouse (11)
     C Programming exercises Teacher in VN (7)
     Alternative work schedules Matt (19)
     Outsourcing development worries bankstrong (38)
     Forgotten password Tim Gordon (6)
     Why "Ask Joel" and not "Ask the Community"? Senor Queso (14)
     What software does Fog Creek use for... michael sica ( (14)
     Customers or Transactions Curious (1)
     Testing *Unit tests David Kalnins (17)
     HTTP Request handelling in PB 6.5 Shailendra Bagal (14)
     gmail technical challenges Wuonm (16)
     expensing stock options Jason (26)
     Microsoft Office Developer Teams Ran Whittle (29)
     How effective really are Scripting Languages? Knowledge Seeker (25)
     ThinkPad: T41 vs R50 Harvey Motulsky (10)
     FogBUGZ "cross-grade" Ken Klose (1)
     Favorite notebook computer Harvey Motulsky (42)
     Time Entry Steve Jones (35)
     Startup Capital About to Jump (15)
     Write write write! Marcus Leon (5)
     Throwing away old code Emile Cronje (24)
     UI designer writing specs indian programmer (2)
     How to let two non-Admin XP users edit CityDesk? Mr. Analogy (16)
     Why not just admit there is an impedance mismatch? Siyan (29)
     Software Development Process Genevieve (11)
     IBM Thinkpad M. Clark (4)
     Bold Topics John Topley ( (14)
     Why the name "FogBUGZ"? Leonard DeVries (32)
     Working from home / telecommuting Chris Lamprecht (10)
     Will 75% ever be reached ? Steve Jones (UK) (21)
     Transition to paid support Andrew (7)
     What do you look for in employers? Marcus Leon (3)
     Technical writers Gp (1)
     How can I make a permalink to topics Karel Thönissen (4)
     Thoughts on Opensourcing non proprietary component Scott Robertson (16)
     Do you program in Dotnet? dotnet man (32)
     Linux - static linking Szász Attila (9)
     .net or vb? Karl Andersen (11)
     Subcontractor rate anonymous (4)
     Any more books of the month? Vince Indriolo (8)
     Selling value, not time david (7)
     impedance mismatch: The glue you're missing. Matt (29)
     impedance, not impedence -- (4)
     Do you collect VAT for EU customers Another Vendor (26)
     Spec writing possible in kernel level ? Anonymous (2)
     Enterprise Applications and Open Source Confused (5)
     Tools for automated testing of VB6 GUI ICBW (5)
     One folder, many machines Cybersuraa (26)
     clever worms are here again Eric Seppanen (17)
     a good/cheap/central hotel in NYC? jcm (19)
     Functional vs Technical Spec Kevin Moore (8)
     Excel Frontend JReader (21)
     Buffer time Estimation Vani (11)
     Should I sell or should I host? ASP.NET Developer (10)
     How does Intuit make money on TurboTax? Larry (11)
     Finding companies like Fog Creek... Is that a job? (42)
     Why is there so much light in the offices? Mike Dunn (15)
     starting my own ISV--go with Empower? John Haren (7)
     Apprentice warm-up thread Nigel (10)
     IIS Security? Ryan James (46)
     Usability v Learnability Patrick FitzGerald (21)
     Lying on resume Curious (21)
     funny stuff Alexander Chalucov ( (21)
     Writing Help files Kirk (8)
     Jet redist licence: Configuring form controls. Steve Chatten (3)
     Is Microsoft leaving the small business market? Ged Byrne (14)
     Jet Service Packs Harvey Pengwyn (4)
     Windows GUI Programming for a Unix Programmer (another) Unix Guy (19)
     Why can or can't this work? Skeptical (17)
     Format for a log file Bob (14)
     Your thoughts on Python Hemanth (51)
     Pair Programming Revisited Doug Hobkirk (26)
     Smoothwall follow up ICBW (10)
     How TO Charge As A Consultant 'SysAdmin' Seun Osewa (6)
     Why maintain two versions (ASP+PHP) of FogBugz? Stefan Haubold (8)
     Alternative Career bpd (6)
     Grocery Stores, etc... Curious in NYC (22)
     Anti-weblog Rami Kayyali (23)
     Selling your source code Gary (7)
     Using CVS with Visual Studio Jason (19)
     Why is this feature in Excel still broken? Aragorn Greenleaf (12)
     Forum Links Link Impaired (10)
     Open house Farid (34)
     Program Manager Intern Rachel (6)
     Protecting Website Name Dave (7)
     Petzold's "Code" Exercises and Simulations Ken Klose (20)
     Methods of soliciting feedback from customers dir at badblue dot com (4)
     Getting product feedback Just me (Sir to you) (6)
     strict HTML Jason (46)
     Fog Creek and online order fraud Mitch & Murray (from downtown) (12)
     Beta Testing - The Other Side of The Fence Perpetual Newbie II (9)
     Need help with Aspect Oriented Programming Aaron F Stanton (13)
     MZ? Ali (13)
     NYS sales tax on downloaded software A Fellow Software Developer (17)
     Competing With Existing Products Sam Thomas (15)
     Office Design and Pictures Pete Jenkins (8)
     Is this a little over the top? B# (4)
     Using Wine to 'port' desktop software to Linux. Alexander Chalucov ( (32)
     Fog Creek and Empower ISV Kevin (5)
     Are certifications worth it? Aaron F Stanton (43)
     Performance Reviews Kyle (25)
     Bug Tracking and Maintaince Releases Bill Napier (7)
     How do I become a program manager? Khai Lee (4)
     Training Daniel Howard (19)
     Working at Fog Creek Software Jason Mauss (162)
     Interviewing criteria Boofus McGoofus (47)
     Beta Tests JaSikor (5)
     Software Licensing Yariv Zur (18)
     RSS feed using CityDesk? Ram (2)
     Unicode on Windows 98 Lakshmi Bhamidipati (1)
     Accounting Book Anonymous (10)
     FogBUGZ, MDAC and Jet Ken Klose (6)
     Computer hardware Chris Thompson (22)
     Why Don't Software Sites post their prices? John McQuilling (14)
     Zoop? Clutch Cargo (5)
     Snap forms in VB6? Sam Livingston-Gray (8) Affiliate Referral Revenues Ken Klose (14)
     Phil Greenspun Humbug (17)
     Accountant Lee (1)
     Monthly Data Transfer In market for good webhosting provider (16)
     Why did you start writing Joel on Software? Ryan Tate (2)
     Is Search: broken? Ken (8)
     What Is The "Next Big Thing" In Development? Norrick (18)
     What about Product Managers? AnMFCAndJavaProgrammer (1)
     Locked-down programming. Francois (24)
     Have you read Eric S. Raymonds latest article? Fredrik Persson (36)
     How to truncate a file under DOS/Windows? Bob (7)
     Will this forum swallow the old JoS forum? S.C. (5)
     Offshoring Kevin Clary (221)
     How did you get your book published? dmooney (18)
     Non-Technical Program Managers Anonymous (58)
     A Place for Non-C developers? MacSqueeb (24)
     Fog Creek Open House? Bill Rushmore (4)
     Best Books you've come across Marx Karl (13)
     debut of first piece of software entell (5)
     Code Reviews John Topley ( (1)
     Pointers on pointers? Joe (11)
     Visited Links in this forum Richard Platel (16)
     What do you think of Lisp? Chris (91)
     How to read less JoS? - Seriously (6)
     What HTML Editor/System Works Best with CityDesk Rick Chapman (33)
     Approaching the Business Side BrianM (9)
     What design methodology(TM) do you use? Gabriel Lima (18)
     Aptitude Ralph Lee (10)
     Looks like Eric Sink agrees with you.. Mark (7)
     Pitching To You michael sica ( (7)
     Learning Microsoft platforms Unix guy (12)
     consulting-ware mike abbott (8)
     Joel, what does it like to be an egomaniac? (14)
     How to start a tech shop Anonymous (1)
     best laptop friendly coffehouse in manhattan? traveler (6)
     Software Usability anon (43)
     Consulting to start? Sanitised for my protection (3)
     XAML vs. NIB Jon Deeming (6)
     Why no "High Stakes.." on the book reviews? Diego (4)
     Can you listen to music while you code... Heston T. Holtmann, B.Sc.Eng (31)
     Computer Languages AllanL5 (6)
     usabilitymustdie Just me (Sir to you) (3)
     Are you deleting q's you don't like? Gwyn (36)
     Do you use PDA's? nathan (21)
     market areas MS leaves alone? Jason (21)
     How best to teach programming to non-programmers? Don't wish to reveal that here (63)
     Love NY?  Why Seattle Panorama Mark Johnson (1)
     Scripting Andrew Burton (12)
     Programming for the rest of us mindful_learner (9)
     If you knew then what you know now... T.S. (3)
     Your own OS Giampiero De Ciantis (4)
     How are the non-Windows versions of FogBugz doing? Robert Sayre (10)
     University Aleph (12)
     Define BAD code. Dr. Snuggles (7)
     Advertising to developers? R1ch (9)
     Mac or Win? Dennis (22)
     JoS vs. AaQ: evolution or revolution? Just me (Sir to you) (4)
     Handling DBCS characters Bob (1)
     256 Entries to Count Bits in a Byte? jw (14)
     In search of Rick Chapman Robert Jacobson (11)
     How can we make digital devices easier to use? Alex Chernavsky (9)
     Defending your "Use the best tools..." Gregg Tavares (8)
     Ever read.... and an observation braid_ged (6)
     what if Mr. Gates dies one day?Big culture change? A chinese programmer (12)
     Strange HR practices Anon-e-mouse (2)
     MSDE Server James Hancock (12)
     How do you meet your schedule dates? Paul S (8)
     Business ideas for 3 guys... Giovanni Giorgi (10)
     Virtual Box sedwo (2)
     Bionic Office revisited b (7)
     How did the Joel Test come about? John C (2)
     Why did you call it CityDesk? Vans Davis (7)
     What happened to the young, dynamic Joel? Chris (7)
     Design By Cattle Call? Norrick (7)
     Corporate Bookkeeping John C. (3)
     duration Chris (2)
     Why FogBugz?  Why CityDesk? Norrick (7)
     Funding the Small ISV? Norrick (2)
     How to find Kazaa lite on the web? Kpp (6)
     Big Companies gret t. (3)
     What are the basic diffrences?????? Shawn Redd (3)
     Design a small app - how design man (5)
     Did you try "trepanation"? Bedtime (15)
     Progammer's Paradise? ISV Wannabe (1)
     Now Google'd have more than a (two actually) link Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
     Did you make that post? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
     Pricing Products Matthew Lock (30)
     rss feed Massimo Morelli (4)
     Why "Fog Creek"? Michael Pryor (Fog Creek) (6)
     copy 'n' paste vs. reducing dependencies/coupling Roose (3)
     History Repeating itself ? RM (3)
     Just a little QA on this forum.. probably a repeat dmooney (4)
     MySQL licensing Eddie Dickey (3)
     2 questions Prakash S (1)
     Applying to Microsoft, any recommended teams? anon (9)
     Why not start a new forum? Nona Myous (5)
     Why "Fog Creek"? GuyIncognito (4)
     Why did you leave Microsoft? bbh (3)
     Advice for an inexpert Depressed girl (6)
     How do we know it's you? Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek) (17)
     Old Topics? Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek) (1)
     Will you answer every question? Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek) (1)
     How does it work? Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek) (2)
     Why is the New York forum called "Ask Joel"? Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek) (1)

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