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FogBUGZ hosting

I have been a FogBUGZ trial user for two days but I am already dreading the keep-up of a Windows server for just FogBUGZ.

Joel says: "We can build, host, and manage a server for you in a secure data facility. This service costs US $10 per month per user, with a $500 monthly minimum."

The cost/user is pretty reasonable, but minimum of 50 users is not. I don't care if I share the server with 1000 people as long as it is responsive enough. Certainly if I had 50 users using the system, I'd get my own server.

Does it not make business sense for FCS to move trial users to a hosted service?

It seems that hosted apps are making progress in a number of domains: conferencing (webex) sales-force-automation ( Why not for bug tracking?

With a simple web service for bug database import/export no harm is done if the FogBUGZ ASP goes down once in a while; people just restore the latest from their exported copy.

Farshad Nayeri
Monday, March 10, 2003

Are you not confusing two or even three different things?  You can host FogBugz on your own machine (we do) or you can rent space from Joel, for a minimum cost - not a minimum number of users.

Colin Potter
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Sorry if I sounded confusing. Let me rephrase:

I am looking for a *hosted bug tracking solution*. I am concerned about TCO (total cost of ownership.) I'd like to avoid the following *just* to create a bug tracking system:

- maintain server hardware
- maintain database
- maintain fogbugz software
- make it available reliably on the web
- make it secure on the web

Note that Fog Creek already has to do all of the above for their trial system.

For small projects, fogbugz *trial* is just great. It's web based already, so no need for platform investment. It's got the nice curve of getting you in and using it more and more. One problem: it expires! Why can't I continue (to use fogcreek-hosted service) by paying a (reasonable per-user) monthly fee for "renting" fogBUGZ?

Is this such a strange idea? So many other apps are hosted these days. The only reason I can think of is that FCS doesn't think they will make enough money from this (and they may be right, I don't know.) Or there is some practical concerns (like privacy of bug database?)

One thing for sure, the transition from "trial" to "paying" would be a lot simpler in a hosted setting. All you have to do is to put up your credit card.

(BTW, minimum 50 users came from: assuming $10/user, means $500/mo minimum will mean that I will need 50 users before "breaking even")

Farshad Nayeri
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

You've answered your own question in a way ... you can "rent" a web-hosted FogBugz.  It costs $500 / month for:
- maintain server hardware
- maintain database
- maintain fogbugz software
- make it available reliably on the web
- make it secure on the web

I gather from your comments that you have a problem with the $500/month and find it too high a minimum.  I don't necessarily disagree, but in order for them to offer an array of ASP hosted solutions it would require a substantial investment in time and money. 

This just may not be a business model they have the resources and time to get involved in in-depth, yet they want to be able to offer it as a value-add service in some form and this is the shape it's taken.

karan mavai
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Karan's right; all those things cost money, and coincidentally, the people with the most money are the most likely to have an in house server they want to use :)

Joel Spolsky
Saturday, March 15, 2003

Come on guys, $500 a month is crazy. My hosting provider gives me a secure managed shared hosting setup (with SQL Server) for less than $70/month, and with great support. The addition of FogBugz on top of that can't be a great deal of work, surely? If you guys need $500 a month to manage it, that says it's hard to manage :) :)

I'm sat here credit card in hand but hesitating on buying a few licenses of FogBugz because I don't have a server or the resources to manage it and an installation of FogBugz. If you offered a version similar to your 45-day trial setup that I just paid for on a long-term basis on a per-user and per-month basis, you'd already have my card details.

Ollie Cornes
Monday, April 7, 2003

$500 a month, is Joel's way of saying "Yo Moron, if you can't figure it out on you own, we can do it for you for 10 times the price".

Joel mentions this [idea] on one of his articles.

Old timer
Sunday, June 1, 2003

I would also be interested in seeing an ASP hosting FogBugz.  While Joel might think I'm a moron, I think that there are groups that would love to use the software without going through the hassle of setting it up, and this type of software obviously works in an ASP model.  Plus, many of those groups may not want to spend $500/mo. when they only have a handful of users.  And once they decide to install Bugzilla, or JIRA or RT on their Linux server, they're unlikely to ever move to a different system when they can afford it, and so Fog Creek has lost a sale forever.  It may not be Fog Creek's model (and probably shouldn't be), but if I were Fog Creek, I'd probably try to find an established ASP and work with them to make sure that my potential clients had that as an option.

They closest they come today to this is the following comment:

At a later date we will be adding a more complete list of Windows hosting companies that are amenable to running FogBugz setup, but for now we are posting the following company who is known to host FogBugz currently on a shared server arrangement:  [EAServe icon]

But there's not even any real information, e.g. what type of account was used, etc.  Even if there isn't an official relationship between the companies, any additional pointers here would help.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

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