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     FogBugz Technical Support Discussion has moved! Michael H. Pryor (Fog Creek) (0 comments)
     failing filter with Cfilter 74 MAnie (1)
     Having trouble with Ian Jones (4)
     E-mail notification not working properly Rosalind Evans (1)
     Limits upto 500 bugs per page M P (5)
     What to alter to get full width Mike MacSween (2)
     Email notification of Bug Update Jon Hance (3)
     Formatting the Scout default message KC (1)
     licenses Rich (7)
     Feature: Email POP3 "Check Now" button Robert Brewer (1)
     Request: Collapse inline emails Matt (1)
     WebSVN nathan (5)
     Dispatch Memory Utilization Ron Rodenberg (9)
     P4 ChangeLists Daryl Lee (1)
     Populating Version and Computer fields via Email Matt Navarre (1)
     Deleting Test data Richard McDonald (2)
     Way to query on who resolved the case? Gordon Riggs (1)
     User defined fields in v4.0 Zoltan (5)
     Has the product been intergrated with MSCRM? Dyfed Smith (3)
     PHP version and Bugzilla import Anthony Wang (1)
     filer for recent updates Rich (1)
     Assign resolved cases to Primary Contact? Gordon Riggs (1)
     CityDesk FogBugz Integration Eric (0)
     Bugzilla Import Error Mike Carlson (2)
     emailing to an existing bug Rich (3)
     changed servers: dispatcho and SSL problems Dave R (1)
     OK Cancel Buttons not following browser look and f Richard Downey (0)
     "By Design" ... How does it apply to "Inquiry" GB (2)
     Integration to Vault 3.0 Lars Buur (2)
     FogBugz manual? Rich (2)
     FogBUGz 4.0 info please Jason Cornez (1)
     Usage Difficulty - a tester addicted to email Assad E.K. Ebrahim (3)
     FogBugz 4.0 - Sort by *recent activity* Assad E.K. Ebrahim (1)
     RFE : HTML or UBB tags in FogBugz comments Manish Hatwalne (2)
     Batch Resolve Manish Hatwalne (7)
     Duplicate and Firefox Manish Hatwalne (2)
     Show date of initial post in forums Benjamin Peikes (0)
     Starting Over with FogBugz Matt Hamilton (4)
     Requesting Customer Databases for testing Michael H. Pryor (Fog Creek) (0)
     Javascript event bug with Firefox 1.0 on Win2k Robert Brewer (0)
     Resolve (Duplicate) Sunny (2)
     Is a buying a licence buying a 'copy'? Will Dean (12)
     Time spent on release Dan (1)
     Friendlier way to use FogBugz to discuss Humbug (0)
     Obs: Email dispays HTML source Kyle Taplay (3)
     Customizing New Case Entry Jonathan Brown (1)
     FB2.0 and FB4.0 database compatibility JaSikor (3)
     Sending emails from FogBugz Vladimir Golovin (5)
     Subscriptions J. Douglas McClean (0)
     mailbox acct with attachment > ~45K not pulled Lee Hamel (14)
     server application error Michael Saunders (1)
     P4Web integration Alistair Young (1)
     Date on the lists Mark Riffey (0)
     Spam technique Mark Riffey (0)
     Great product, ugly dogs vloera (14)
     Mailbox Size leeos (1)
     Cookies become invalid when switching Roland Lockhart (4)
     4.0 Questions Nils (8)
     Feature Suggestion: Virtual users or posts J. Douglas McClean (1)
     Prioritize user assignments? Benjamin Allfree (8)
     User security? Benjamin Allfree (6)
     Public access Matthew Allen (5)
     Replicating Bug & BugScout tables Shaun Anderson (1)
     "Negative" Filter Peter Hauptmann (1)
     Editing old comments Peter Hauptmann (4)
     How many packs should i buy? cherryfu (3)
     Feature request: Save info on closed cases. Tom Waters (2)
     Number of allowed accounts J. Douglas McClean (2)
     Used Wrong Login Cindy Lawless (1)
     reset admin password Eugen Walcher (1)
     Customer Accts Cindy Lawless (1)
     Downloading the Trial Database Manuel F. Lara (1)
     Browser Problem Bob Young (1)
     Subscribe to all cases in a project? Carl Sayres (1)
     "Archiving" Projects Rustynne Dalton (4)
     FogBUGZ setup browser problem Alfred (2)
     Muliple select on Assign To in Filter David Boyd (0)
     Bugscout process Randy McCharles (5)
     Upload Directory Jim Whitmore (1)
     Unix requirements for 4.0? Chuck McKinnon (1)
     Assign to Multiple Users Brian Poff (6)
     Feature Request: Hierarchy supporting hi/lo-level Buc Rogers (2)
     Knowledge Base Integration :| (0)
     FogBUGZ Internal error installing Keith Bottner (4)
     Bulk add new bugs to FogBugz Angus Walker (4)
     Deleting Default Release Lev Pertsov (1)
     Grid View in FogBUGZ & Automatic Filters Dave Verwer (1)
     Assign email to existing bug Chris Lindell (1)
     Subscribing people to a case Carl Sayres (3)
     HTML emails Vladimir Golovin (1)
     What is new in FogBugz? Raf (5)
     website management? Rick Penticoff (3)
     saving last entered values -- continuity Alexei Lebedev (2)
     Beta 4.0 Coming Soon. Michael H. Pryor (Fog Creek) (13)
     Product idea -- FogHELPDEZK Vladimir Golovin (7)
     Cannot add attachments Kyle (2)
     no Linux port? Austy Garhi (1)
     Pages generated that confuse Firefox Dan Mitchell (0)
     Dependencies & Relationships Tony Patrick (3)
     build/release storage BuggerBoy (1)
     SP2 and fogbugz sierra taylor (1)
     Feature request John Fuex (1)
     Impostor - Can't be Joel Scott (1)
     Looking for beta testers? Jonathan Newton (0)
     fOGbUGZZZ doesn't sound professional Howard Ricketts (6)
     customer email filter field bug Jonathan Newton (0)
     Image lost after moving to new server T. J. Fan (1)
     Transfer of cases Paul Suggs (2)
     Turn Off Dispatcho? david smith (1)
     What's missing in my installation? Andor Lunenburg (2)
     BUG - Grid Humbug (2)
     possible to have a user see subset of projects? Jerry Shea (1)
     Can I move just the database? Shaun Anderson (9)
     "Non-User" User accounts for tracking? JoelF (2)
     Migrating from Microsoft Access to SQL Server Colin Potter (1)
     Branching - how do you? Peter Hauptmann (0)
     Resolved FogBugz cases not re-assigning to opener Brian Herron (11)
     Adding "Area" column to the Case Grid Vladimir Golovin (3)
     Continue Reporting Chris Williams (1)
     MailBoxes don't accept submissions in the CC field David (2)
     Colors Humbug (2)
     Microsoft competing with FogBUGZ Humbug (1)
     How do I change the default timeout? Bob Walsh (1)
     Downloading files with firefox Paul Vincent Craven (1)
     How can I show more or fewer columns in a Filter? david smith (3)
     Subversion post-commit for UNIX / OSX Stefan Wiesendanger (2)
     BugzScout submits claim success, but vanish Dan Mitchell (2)
     Changing sort order of items within an inquiry? Bob Walsh (9)
     upload file size and sending emails Jonathan Newton (0)
     Problems Setting Up VSS Integration Kate Paulk (3)
     Close & Resolve Svetoslav Milenov (2)
     Project Name In Grid View T. Bradley Dean (2)
     Why does FogBugz require FreeBSD 5.X? James Deibele (0)
     Text of case - can it be changed or deleted? David Smith (1)
     Add Status to e-mail notifications John Fuex (1)
     Single-Sign On Montserrat Sanz (1)
     Scoutsubmit and closed cases Chris Williams (1)
     Importing Users using SQL John Stone (1)
     User limitations and permissions Mark Plumpton (6)
     FogBUGZ and VSS Brian Gomori (2)
     Coverting to MySQL Mark Daley (10)
     Suggested feature: Configurable default priority Howard Weisberg (4)
     Feature feature Dhominator (3)
     Related file with spaced file name -t- · Tom Jacobs (2)
     RSS feeds (feature suggestion) Fabrice Truillot (1)
     User access Evaluating (4)
     Feature suggestion John Fuex (1)
     Rich Client for enterign a bug Peter Hauptmann (2)
     Deleted Projects Roland Lockhart (1)
     Scaleing to 1000 users. Evaluating (9)
     Expert Mode John Fuex (1)
     E-Mail Text Format for HTML e-mail Steve Wark (2)
     Dispatcho Configuration Question Bryan Wilcox (2)
     How to support Multiple Databases Chris Bruyere (7)
     How do you delete a user? Matt Hrycko (2)
     Running on Linux Fedora? Stefan Meindl (3)
     How does BugzScout work exactly? Chris Bruyere (2)
     Is BugzScout included? Chris Bruyere (2)
     Suppressing notification of case changes John DiPirro (4)
     German Version Richard Quinn (8)
     Email using Outlook and "Out of Office" turned on Pam Feldstein (1)
     how to remove built-in adminsitrator? Andrew Jackson (3)
     MS Excel - MS Query problem when creating a Report Lloyd Newby (5)
     Editor Text font size has spontaneously changed Roland McIntyre (8)
     How to see "Open cases by" in Grid View? Joel A. Foner (0)
     Release Schedule Eric (5)
     Can you delete a release? Marius Ackerman (4)
     Secure email protocol support in Dispatcho Wei Deng (1)
     Generate Release Note/Change logs Chris Bruyere (2)
     Can we export to excel? Paul Vincent Craven (2)
     Is Fogbugz suitable for an IT Helpdesk? Bryan Young (4)
     Integration with NGSource? Benjamin Allfree (1)
     Add a deliberate line break while posting FogBugz Manish Hatwalne (1)
     Dispatcho no longer imports emails Richard Lawrence (2)
     Search not working correctly Jason Schneiders (1)
     My Filters resets to the first filter François Beausoleil (3)
     SMTP password is visible Christopher Wells (2)
     Highlighting or otherwise adding HTML elements François Beausoleil (3)
     Migrating from Windows to Linux Mark Doerr (1)
     Automatic hyperlinking? Brett Clapham (5)
     Where in the world is FogBugz 4? (Mouth Wide Open) Andrew Ryan (11)
     scoutSubmit and drop down lists Marlon Montgomery (1)
     project vs area assignments Marlon Montgomery (1)
     Full screen width bug reports? Mike MacSween (2)
     FogBUGZ Documentation Mark Loew (2)
     1.25 elapsed = 15 days 5 hours ? François Beausoleil (4)
     Day length for estimates François Beausoleil (1)
     Edit straight from the list ? François Beausoleil (4)
     FogBugz vs. Bugzilla Jon Bjorkeback (2)
     Localisation -t- · Tom Jacobs (2)
     Relating issues -t- · Tom Jacobs (2)
     Whats the best way to 'splt-off' an email MikeG (3)
     Sharing Filters Marlon Montgomery (2)
     Scalability Steve Baxter (4)
     Fog Bugz ASP Jonathan (2)
     ASP 0206 error - cannot call BinaryRead Dave (2)
     Separated views -t- · Tom Jacobs (2)
     Another suggestion/feature request John Fuex (2)
     Public Access Restrictions Jesse Wise (3)
     Intermittant Error in Session Ryan Wood (1)
     How can I change the FB e-mail template? John Q Tester (1)
     Default Priority John Fuex (1)
     Bug report John Fuex (1)
     Dart license has expired Kent (4)
     Trial software and email -t- · Tom Jacobs (3)
     Customisation / localisation -t- · Tom Jacobs (1)
     How can I see the dates of the topics? Ron (1)
     email notifications stopped on 45 day trial George Rutledge (1)
     Project Managment Steven Ketcham (0)
     And another. John Fuex (1)
     Okay, New Day, new items John Fuex (0)
     Okay, one more for today... John Fuex (1)
     Another Feature Request/Question John Fuex (1)
     New version... David Whatley (6)
     Public Filters John Fuex (2)
     How large before my image is rendered smaller? Jeff Straathof (1)
     bug: multiple bugzid on a single checkin m (1)
     Email entry bugs all have [SPAM] in title Mark Loew (1)
     Moving Fogbugz to a new server Kamal Kantawala (1)
     Usage statistics Benjamin (1)
     Report Pivots De Waal Hoon (1)
     user passwords? jpcooney (2)
     Extra backslashes in text fields Rafe Colburn (1)
     Delete SPAM Nate Silva (4)
     Attachments sometimes not saved, with no error msg Buc Rogers (8)
     FYI or CC Feature for 1-Time Email Notification Mike Fahrenkrog (0)
     Read only access to fogbugz Craig Randle (1)
     reply and/or most common assignees Geoff Fortytwo (1)
     How to list cases by modification date Joel Foner (7)
     Required fields on New Case Lance Johnson (6)
     Back button matthew (1)
     Best Practical RT import matthew (1)
     Search Closed cased Kevin Moore (4)
     Resolved(Waiting for info) limitation Mark Riffey (4)
     FogBUGZ Internal Error Howard Weisberg (2)
     OleDB does not work on upgraded Win2003 machines Oli (0)
     How can I insert inline images? Nikolay Boyukliev (7)
     What does Message Template do? Pablo Pissanetzky (1)
     FogBugz 3.0 - Apache/MySql on Windows server? Joel Foner (3)
     Scout Message Truncated Ryan Wood (7)
     E-mails send from FogBUGZ are undecipherable, why? Nikolay Boyukliev (2)
     Any way to change Date format from US to UK format Richard Downey (2)
     Is it possible to remove some fields? Nikolay Boyukliev (4)
     How "public submissions" can be closed by sender? Nikolay Boyukliev (1)
     Question: If I attach a file that's a JPG... John G. Norman (1)
     Predefined versions Lance Johnson (1)
     timing out.... Lianne Woodall (2)
     Manual Status Update at Assign time Ed Lucas (1)
     Error after moved FogBUGZ Serge Baranovsky (1)
     Can't send attachments Tim Norman (4)
     Capturing Bugs/Inquiries/Features through e-mail Kent (3)
     mysql error from a Full Text Of Case Search Christopher Paluch (5)
     Hacked off by "Delete inquiries after" feature Andrew Jackson (4)
     e-mail notification is wrong Jon Kenoyer (1)
     User groups Christopher Wells (2)
     Email Attachments Ryan Wood (5)
     Firefox Javascript Error Matthew Lock (11)
     Searching Title of case Ken M. (6)
     Weird problem Kevin Moore (12)
     Move FogBugz to new IIS and SQL Server Kevin Moore (2)
     Customising Fogbugz without editing the ASP Jon Tresadern (1)
     Explosion of case numbers Lloyd Newby (3)
     Shared Hosting of Fogbugz php version Matthew Lock (6)
     Have a pref to always view in grid view Eric Renken (3)
     New "Fix for" values Christopher Wells (6)
     Recommended Update: DartMail.dll Dmitri (Fog Creek) (17)
     Automatic HTTP Linking Andrew Magruder (3)
     Integrate login with AD Knox Cameron (5)
     cvsnt integration (win2k) ivan (3)
     Disabling "Create an Account" (Trial Version) C.R. Hinners (1)
     Replying to e-mail from within a FogBUGZ case Kent (1)
     VSS integration on Unix Henrik Jernevad (7)
     Version 1 Checkins James Williams (7)
     Extensibility? Patrick Mozola (4)
     Page titles aren't always updated Egor (1)
     Is it possible to disable the Admin account... Chris Ormerod (3)
     Email polling 'stuck' on particular case Austin Harris (1)
     Maxlength for Email fields set too short Austin Harris (1)
     Discussion Tracking Eric (1)
     How do you tell what build a bug was fixed in Matthew Henry (6)
     From inquiry to bug Bob Walsh (1)
     Customizing Grid View Bob Walsh (1)
     photos are gone Bob Walsh (1)
     Attaching Files to Cases Nigel Ainscoe (2)
     Sorting case events Ryan Wood (1)
     Some additional info per case Tibor Harsszegi (1)
     ClearCase support? Tibor Harsszegi (3)
     renew support? johnmulhollen (2)
     Practical Difference between Resolved and Closed Ryan Wood (2)
     Error when Replying and Atttaching Ryan Wood (1)
     FB and ZoneAlarm together Mike MacSween (9)
     MySQL on Win - Update doesn't update aknasinski (5)
     Source Control URLs for Subversion? Terrence Talbot (2)
     Subversion and Mac OS X Terrence Talbot (4)
     where is getreplytext (54660) Terrence Talbot (3)
     Upgrade from fogBugz 3.1.9 to newer 3.1.9 build Brian Vaughan (5)
     Switch picture of the day on/off Steve (6)
     super huge bug length Geoff Fortytwo (5)
     Feature Request:  An autoarchive of closed bugs Arthur Strutzenberg (1)
     How to see what's in a release? Gary Fuhr (2)
     Bug ID prefix Andrew Lighten (4)
     attempting to view bugs times out for certain bugs Geoff Fortytwo (2)
     Feature request: Customer Field Brett Clapham (1)
     2 Issues: Escape quotations and email replys Jim Pringle (2)
     Intermittent failure of file upload Jim Causey (2)
     Better List of Cases screen Bill (1)
     More than Bugz?  Customer Support Tracking? Jeremy Williams (1)
     Bulk Assign Cases to Project Bill (3)
     Installing Fogbugz Without Root Access Joe Harris (1)
     Mail server timing out... Sean Ennis (3)
     Upload Question from a Trial User David Smith (1)
     Unable to install FogBugz (SID) Matt Caton (3)
     using scoutSubmit.asp Bill (1)
     FireFox Case Uploads ROn (6)
     Search funtionality Jonny Sweeny (2)
     Segmentation Faults with Fogbugz in linux Andrew Langrick (2)
     FireFox Cookies Rick D (2)
     Perforce, Passwords, etc. Michael H. Pryor (Fog Creek) (1)
     Is this the only way to submit feature requests? Odin Ortiz (1)
     anyone can close my cases Jason Seiden (3)
     Move FogBugz Bill Bolmeier (2)
     FogBUGZ mail problem (again?) Marom (2)
     FogBugz has lost permission... Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen (2)
     Who's Using FogBugz? Rustynne Dalton (7)
     Updating fields in many bugs all at once Peter Desjardins (1)
     User Access to projects Martin Ross (4)
     Multiple Instances/Synchronization Nathan Schultz (1)
     Question about FogBugz e-mail and cases Bryan Wilcox (2)
     Why limit the number of cases returned by a query Colin Potter (7)
     Initiate email from FogBugz John Mackerras (1)
     Layout of Fogbugs Ramy Hass (1)
     Most recently updated bugs? Phil Dye (1)
     Fix For and Version? Pat Turner (0)
     E-mail not coming through. Sean Ennis (3)
     attaching PDF files - won't open Paolo Hutchison (2)
     Next version (release) of FogBUGZ? Yaron (4)
     Shipped source code John Mackerras (1)
     Email Exchange Group not forwarding to Trial acc John Mackerras (1)
     Attachment oddity (local vs remote) Mark Riffey (8)
     Client Access Bill (1)
     Feature- Move all bugs to a new Fix For or Project Adam White (1)
     Feature request: Reply-to-all, address book David Thompson (0)
     Linking URLs in descriptions Gil Tayar (1)
     Opened-by for e-mail submitted issues Josh Gray (1)
     Graphical Analysis Alexander Mehlhorn (2)
     Custom States feature Alexander Mehlhorn (1)
     Attachements do not upload. Christopher Stolte (1)
     NEW: Automated importing from Bugzilla Dmitri (Fog Creek) (0)
     Report Feature Ilesh Shah (1)
     MySQL questions... Mike Nickelson (4)
     Display Date of Build in Fix For Dropdown sblosser (1)
     Hosting a FogBugz test server gireesh (1)
     [REQ]Two handy features Jon Kenoyer (1)
     Integrating FogBugz / Licensing Question Joshua Carlisle (2)
     Database Migration Problems Tony (1)
     Rational ClearQuest -> FogBUGz Migration Brett Clapham (1)
     PHP version - memory leak? Robert Prentice (6)
     dispatcho and international characters Anton Baranenko (9)
     Migrating from Bugzilla? John Lacey (4)
     Notifications Sent out on reboot Stefan Sawynok (1)
     [REQ] Make more fields stick Bob Griswold (1)
     "" reply address Bryan Wilcox (1)
     Error sending mail James Clark (3)
     New Mac installer fails Lloyd Newby (5)
     emailed bugs failing with network error Geoff Fortytwo (3)
     What is latest version of FogBugz Andrew Jackson (3)
     No indexes on certain fields? Matt (2)
     Emails from public cases Lee (3)
     Dispatcho leaving mail on server A.D. Kent (4)
     Anyway to automate logins and call up a filter? Tom Bougan (7)
     Email and Categories Eric (1)
     Open a new case via posting to a URL Manish Hatwalne (9)
     Report on the BugEvent.s field with inline emails glendon (0)
     scoutSubmit && areas question Bryan Wilcox (1)
     scoutSubmit question Bryan Wilcox (2)
     Inline images work, then don't with new cases T. Storz (3)
     Only one user can integrate with Perforce? Corey Reid (13)
     Changing the name of FogBUGZ William Wu (2)
     prerequisite feature Mark (1)
     Places that show the "number of occurrences" Bryan Wilcox (1)
     Filter on Multiple Users Dave Bachtel (1)
     FogBugz "4-page" pdf -- only 3 pages? T. Zim (6)
     Case URL in emails... Charlie Jones (1)
     Resetting the FogBUGZ Account Password Mike Fahrenkrog (1)
     Localized versions of ScoutMsg Bryan Wilcox (2)
     Deleting users, and reassigning their tasks Tim Sullivan (2)
     .NET class for submitting bugs available Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen (1)
     Clone Project Ali Zolghadri (3)
     Email notifications Thomas George (1)
     FogBugz Reports Jamie Dulaney (0)
     Anyone modified scoutSubmit.asp for attachments? asdf (0)
     Dispatcho and mailbox setup Kent (4)
     Feature suggestion Steve Hales (1)
     Prepopulate the New Case form Lee (1)
     Printable version Lee (2)
     Bug: Attaching files with a '+' in their names Marco (1)
     Delete releases? Adam Cheyer (2)
     Dispatcho question Bryan Wilcox (3)
     E-mail notification for trial? Steven Christensen (1)
     Upgraded SQL Server from MSDE to FTS-capable Craig Eddy (3)
     Invalid procedure call or argument - Error George Leithead (4)
     Could not log into the mail server - Error George Leithead (1)
     Subversion integration Ian Olsen (4)
     Another question about scoutSubmit.asp Bryan Wilcox (1)
     Bug: <&_nbsp;> in filter description text Denis (2)
     Lack of Password Protection David Wulff (1)
     Question about using scoutSubmit.asp Bryan Wilcox (6)
     closed cases bw (2)
     CVS Checkin links in Fogbugz Dinesh (1)
     "Current Filter" doesn't do release filtering Gireesh (1)
     Restricting Developers By Project? Cory Janssen (2)
     BUG - Total estimated time includes CLOSED cases David Dilworth (3)
     New case with email address Mike Austin (1)
     Survival of Source code changes after update Tony Schick (3)
     If elapsed time exceeds estimate I get a credit Greg Shaw (1)
     Verification test tracking Shane Mooney (1)
     Fogbugz and Oracle Mark (2)
     Auto-reply to email submission David Hait (3)
     Customizing grid view Clarence (1)
     VSS Diff -- Any way to add context? Rod Begbie (0)
     Guest users Thomas George (1)
     Unexpected license error Stefan Möbius (2)
     priority for publicly submitted bugs Greg Shaw (0)
     Revisted Issue: HTML emails! Mazen S. Alzogbi (2)
     email address in Google Greg Coleson (2)
     Flagging bugs for release notes? Peter Desjardins (0)
     Computer field in grid view Dani (1)
     Feature Request: Reverse Chrononlogical Messages Bob Flanders (1)
     Problems with setup on windows 2003 server Wim Tra KRanen (1)
     Show release notes for new version of FogBUGZ Ian Howlett (1)
     security? Jim Bourke (4)
     New Demo User - Email Question Jeff Smith (1)
     .NET Version? Ryan Wood (7)
     Feature Request: Copy filters between users Ian Howlett (6)
     Merging cases Kieth Furey (1)
     Bugz mysteriously being deleted David Thompson (2)
     Report help Lisa (1)
     [REQ] Combining Search capibility to filtering Arthur Strutzenberg (3)
     Feature Req: Add screenshots in one click Ian Howlett (2)
     REQ: Bulk assign of "Fix For" Michael Teper (2)
     Is there a Chinese version? AEPDC (1)
     Error: ADONewConnection error: [-998: could not lo Tom Hodder (1)
     [REQ] php version without custom module? Isaac (2)
     Mysql DB versions?  Update procedure? Isaac (6)
     [REQ] Reply to email and have it appear in FB item Donovan J. Edye (0)
     [REQ] Content of emails sent.... Donovan J. Edye (0)
     [REQ] Ability attach multiple files at once Donovan J. Edye (0)
     Saving my filter preferences Mazen S. Alzogbi (5)
     Logging? Shawn Wildermuth (2)
     Bug in Fogbugz? Teemu Voipio (2)
     Cancel on "Close" page goes to filter view Matt (0)
     Problem with Mozilla downloading attached files Matt (2)
     ScoutSubmit: How do I assign a bug to a user. Bryan Coleman (0)
     Fixed in? Note the build number for a fixed case Georg Ledermann (1)
     Can't resolve as "Duplicate" in Mozilla 1.7 Dave Nanian (10)
     Query to find out who really resolved a bug Lisa Nice (2)
     Re-editing "edit comments" Lloyd Newby (5)
     Preset project on public edit page Jim Edlin (1)
     Feature Request: closed cases - elapsed time Ian Olsen (0)
     Documentation of history/changes Georg Ledermann (1)
     Specifying the case ID Ian Howlett (1)
     Stripping HTML from Message Omar Soto (1)
     Email notification going to the wrong person... Adam Smith (1)
     InterBase/FireBird as Database? Georg Ledermann (0)
     PRB:  PowerTCP Message Component not found A.D. Kent (1)
     Search not working Shaun Olson (2)
     Splitting Licenses Alex (1)
     Password Change Problem Brad Wilson ( (2)
     Permenantly Deleting Bugs - Custom Utility Justin Schumacher (4)
     Email notification using Traditional Chinese Liang-Yun wang (5)
     Notification contains the wrong server name Liang-Yun wang (0)
     Link in FogBUGZ Trial Account Information email Matt (0)
     Feature Request - Bulk Subscription Alicia (1)
     Win2003/MSSQL oddity re: "single use database" Mark Riffey (3)
     Large e-mail attachments. Sean Ennis (6)
     Can users be assigned to only access one project? Samh (1)
     Can a project be deactivated instead of deleted? Samh (1)
     Deactivating license? Kirk Marple (1)
     Lockup During Web-based portion of Setup Craig Eddy (1)
     Get these monkeys off my back D. Rush (6)
     Any ideas why a bug might not be added properly? RJ Mc Intyre (3)
     Send a notification e-mail to a second person Marc Scheuner (10)
     Attaching more than one file to a case Marc Scheuner (5)
     Exporting cases Robert H. Nichols (2)
     Submitting large number of files with CVS BUGID Lloyd Newby (7)
     [REQ] Mailboxes need to be sorted Donovan J. Edye (0)
     [REQ] Project Administration Donovan J. Edye (0)
     Delete cases? Georg Ledermann (2)
     new column in grid view Tom T. (2)
     E-mails are blank, workaround Nate Silva (0)
     Error after Upgrade to 3.1.9 Erik Holt (1)
     Descending order of comments Georg Ledermann (10)
     Upgrade process on Mac OS X? Terrence Talbot (3)
     Have to enter Estimate in hours? ydnubm (5)
     Gaps in Case Numbers Sean Ennis (1)
     3.1.19 PHP RELEASED Michael H. Pryor (Fog Creek) (6)
     Is there a way to delete attachments in v3.1.7? Assad E.K. Ebrahim (4)
     German translation available? Georg Ledermann (3)
     SubVersion Integration Will (7)
     [REQ] Login Text Box Instead of a List of users Olsonware (1)
     [REQ] Immediate mailbox check... Donovan J. Edye (0)
     spam cgulch (5)
     Feature Request - Spell Check? HeyCoolAid! (4)
     Add/Edit Categories Mazen S. Alzogbi (2)
     FogBUGZ vs Bugzilla project manager (1)
     [Q] So just what version is the latest... Donovan J. Edye (2)
     Thrilled with fogBugz! Neal Culiner (0)
     Online trial version of FogBugz broken Marius Coomans (3)
     SQL-Server upgrade problem Andrew Lighten (2)
     Feature request: case dependencies Ben Pryor (2)
     Can't get rid of a project I deleted? Marilyn (1)
     character coding for text entry Pavel Beseda (2)
     x- headers in submitted email? Geoff Fortytwo (1)
     scoutSubmit.asp causes lockup for user Geoff Fortytwo (5)
     PHP 3.1.17 minor bug fixes Michael H. Pryor (Fog Creek) (0)
     Feature Request - IMAP support Jim Causey (3)
     TLS SMTP authentication Jim Causey (5)
     Converted to NTFS, now no access Mike MacSween (3)
     Mail reply indent character? Eric Salituro (2)
     Unassignable version showing up in 'Fix For' Kirk Marple (3)
     Request for Areas (All Projects) Neal Culiner (0)
     Reassigning when resolving Gil Tayar (6)
     Formal place for bug and feature submissions Gil Tayar (2)
     Mozilla Bug in Bug page Gil Tayar (0)
     Problem with setup Andrina Kelly (3)
     MAil Access withing out POP (IMAP?) James Sheppard (1)
     Ignoring inbound email based on subject Keith Bingham (3)
     How To Show Closed Cases? Neal Culiner (3)
     Turn off HTML in email & send text only Tina McPherson (1)
     Delete test posts Neal Culiner (1)
     Customizing the site... Neal Culiner (3)
     How to show bug list to the public? Neal Culiner (3)
     FogBugz, Vault, VS.Net 2002 integration Mike Prince (4)
     License confusion Steve Hales (5)
     Mac OS 10.3 - Installer Issue Robert Sayre (3)
     Reporting Capabilities/Filtering? (help!) Shannon Ahern (6)
     Sending e-mail reminders as scheduled tasks Jon Skolmen (2)
     Splitting Licenses Accross Installations. Sean Ennis (3)
     Removing certain statuses Ramy Hassanein (0)
     cc'ing others Cara Stanson (3)
     Submitting crash reports ourselves Marc Scheuner (1)
     Being notified when new cases appear Marc Scheuner (4)
     Dispatcho not responding in a timely manor? HeyCoolAid! (1)
     I know I saw this somewhere but... HeyCoolAid! (2)
     I can't see that FogBugz is customizable? Aneem Doreeno (1)
     Error when searching Gillian Gutenberg (3)
     Create new cases offline Harald Polster (2)
     Alright, I just bought it but... David Janes (4)
     VSS checkins links log-off the user Alfred (2)
     External submissions - adjusting preferences Alicia (1)
     utf-8 mail encoding problem Cecil Sheng (7)
     Improvement to CVS integration script Angel Fradejas (1)
     Filter on multiple projects Ken Florian (5)
     How to add new status "Resolved (Verified)" Andrew Jackson (6)
     List View Joe Booth (3)
     Can't Logout Shawn Wildermuth (2)
     Accented characters are wrong in emails Gyula Karakas (12)
     Support for Mac OSX 10.2 Michael H. Pryor (Fog Creek) (0)
     Feature request:  Update status of bug Greg Coleson (1)
     Linux and Mac 3.1.17PHP update Michael H. Pryor (Fog Creek) (4)
     Feature Request: Fix For Stephanie (2)
     Source Control integration of added/removed files Don Benson (0)
     Downsizing from SQL Server to Access Andrew Lighten (1)
     Email optional? William Edwards (1)
     Backup Issues with FogBugZ efu (2)
     https access efu (1)
     Multiple restricted projects on the same server efu (4)
     File Attachements through BugzScout Sean Ennis (3)
     Missing php installation requirement Angel Fradejas (1)
     Clicking attached image doesn't show in Mozilla Angel Fradejas (5)
     Linking to another case (see case 999) Angel Fradejas (2)
     Keeping users apart Frank Leonhardt (2)
     How to fix HEADERS for sending mail in PHP Version Michael H. Pryor (fogcreek) (0)
     Improvements made to CVS integration script. Dave Nanian (1)
     Bug in MySQL that ships with Panther Michael H. Pryor (fogcreek) (2)
     Protecting your Products Paul Stovell (2)
     Feature Request - Hide Inactive Projects Alicia (2)
     converting from NT/2000 to Unix Ivan (2)
     'Last Updated' column Serge Baranovsky (1)
     Code review? Alan Stokes (3)
     Any suggestions for sub-priorities? Mat (4)
     Attachment error - File could not be opened Andrew Jackson (3)
     Dispatcho improvements (UNIX) Daniel Gehriger (2)
     Two bugs with FogBUGZ and Mozilla 1.6 Nick (1)
     Hosting FogBugz on shared hosting plan MattOffSoftware (1)
     Dispatcho not deleting emails from Exchange 2000 Wendy Wyman (1)
     can't download email Ryan Walker (4)
     Feature Request: Deadline Management Tulu (4)
     Long Filenames for Attachments Jason Glassbrook (1)
     UNIX: Unable to download with IE over https Daniel Gehriger (2)
     Dispatcho / file upload problems under UNIX Daniel Gehriger (6)
     Delivery Failure Loops James Shields (6)
     Bug in linux version (cvs integration) Angel Fradejas (1)
     Inactive user as Primary Contact? Marko Karppinen (1)
     FogBUgz and Windows 2003 Craig Whitby (3)
     Attach a file when Resolving Case Mat (1)
     Can FogBUGZ be installed on Redhat 7.3? Allen (1)
     Combining three projects into one. Colin (4)
     Developement Roadmap for FOGBUGZ Andrew Jackson (3)
     User limits Jean-Claude Wippler (4)
     Text boxes do not support CE characters? Dejan Vesi&#263; (1)
     How can I change Editing page? Richard Kim (1)
     Upgrading & Migrating new host Sue (1)
     How do we change parameters in FogBugz? Ram Dass (5)
     aggregate duplicate emails? john (6)
     Mac Installer Joi Osoy (1)
     Unix version on shared host? Sam Livingston-Gray (2)
     Feature Request:  Support Solaris 8/9 Stefan Wasilewski (0)
     Can I import bugs listed in CVS-Trac? Ram Dass (1)
     New Filter Feature: Attachments Eric Vitiello (0)
     Multiple Version fixes of same bug Dorje McKinnon (1)
     FewerNotifications Mark Doerr (3)
     Linking Cases Sean Ennis (4)
     Feature request: email reminder for search results Andrew Jackson (2)
     SourceSafe Intgration with 45 day trial Andrew Jackson (3)
     Javascript error when replying to emails Tony Edgecombe (1)
     How to define priorties Andrew Jackson (2)
     Diff using VSS Matt (3)
     FogBugz - Outlook Integration nathan (0)
     Viewing area in List nathan (2)
     Feature request: Generic filters for projects Murph (2)
     Feature Request: Sort Ascending or Descending James Barkshire (2)
     MySQL setup help Jon Tresadern (4)
     Using FogBUGZ with a large number of projects Glen Cooper (3)
     *** Attachment not uploaded *** Ed Price (5)
     Date required instead of time estimate Ron Porter (1)
     FogBUGZ on Unix Richard Jones (7)
     right-to-left language support ICBW (8)
     FEATURE REQUEST: Assign ownership of a bug Clint Edmonson (9)
     Visual Source Safe Integration Lewis Spade (1)
     Scout interface plus user? Daniel Berlinger (9)
     Feature Request: Bulk Priority James Shields (0)
     Smooth SQL Server installation Eric G. Harrison (1)
     Does Fogbugz integrate with VSS Ged Byrne (2)
     Sending Version into scoutSubmit.asp Paolo Hutchison (1)
     Changing the original estimate Jim Little (2)
     Reply to email inquiry assigns case Jon Newton (3)
     Can You start an email conversation from FogBugz? Andreas Paulsson (8)
     Feature Request: Bulk assignment of "Fix For" Richard Wilkes (2)
     Upgrade to 3.1.9 from 3.0.13 Wendy Wyman (2)
     Autoresponder on incoming email messages Serge Baranovsky (3)
     List of resolved issues (Public) Serge Baranovsky (1)
     Windows users no probs Mac users no page! Chris Hoey (4)
     FogBugz & Exchange Server Jon Tresadern (6)
     Moving software to new host Frank Leonhardt (2)
     New Case screen Myles (5)
     SQL Server Problem Patrick Gannon (3)
     Any problems with SQL Server? Colin Potter (2)
     FogBUGZ vs. SourceForge Ilja Golshtein (4)
     Multiple organizations Luis Marmolejo (4)
     Licensing of dependencies Luis Marmolejo (5)
     Feature Request - Priorities by Project Zack Jones (3)
     Yet another email setup problem Jamie Osborn (2)
     Clickable links? Oli (2)
     Feature Request: My Filters drop down for Mozilla Eric Vitiello (5)
     email in batches Geoff Fortytwo (1)
     Couple questions Chris Heiden (1)
     duplicate message should include url Geoff Fortytwo (1)
     Feature Request: Case being worked on Michael Dorfman (2)
     Printable reports ? Dmitry Dvoinikov (2)
     Fogbugz won't work for me, I am afraid rafael (0)
     Wanted features Mattias (5)
     E-mail problems. Alek (3)
     Picture of the Day Eoin Connolly (2)
     Localization, working with customers & one tech Q. Dmitry Dvoinikov (3)
     Bug: Error on long # string after "case" in entry Roger Herzler (1)
     Dispatcho with SSL Peter Schroeder (2)
     Full text search not filtering closed cases Kathy Vreeland (2)
     FogBugz and MachineKeys Daniel Granath (1)
     Script Timeout searching full text of bugz Andy Finkenstadt (20)
     Only View Joel LaBelle (0)
     PHP Daniel Gehriger (4)
     email subject (case title) length Mike (3)
     Fix For Barbara Paltiel (2)
     List all projects with their comments Josh Mangum (0)
     Listing Cases according to age Tony Schick (0)
     Huge fogbugz_log.ldf Eric Vitiello (2)
     Ports required for FogBUGZ Gary Fuhr (2)
     Create New Categories ltsolis (1)
     Pocket Explorer Error James Shields (8)
     Email lost Tim Norman (2)
     Publicly Viewable Bugs Taco Ekkel (1)
     default priority of email submitted cases Willie Abrams (2)
     Creating schedules/charts Chip Adams (1)
     Unable to reply Christine Rein (1)
     2 users saved bug at same time, db corrrupted Greg Coleson (2)
     2 CVS related feature requests Andrew Hurst (2)
     Start IDs higher in trial database? Oli (1)
     How to avoid Incoming emails? Arunkumar (3)
     Reverse Order Case Entries James Shields (3)
     What is the No.1 bug tracking system? David Easley (6)
     Ideintify FC people in forums Dave Aton (0)
     URLS not clickable in bugs ChrisO (1)
     Excessive Database Connections ChrisO (2)
     Download trial data Leonard L. Ott (1)
     Enhancement request: show file attachment size Andrew Lighten (0)
     "Fix for" bug in 3.1.9 Morgan (4)
     Fixed width font bug entry Andrew Lighten (3)
     Error sending mail to: <someone> Michael Dorfman (1)
     feature question: released fix list rafael (2)
     the workflow logic in fogbugz: closing cases rafael (2)
     workflow, what am I missing? rafael (3)
     Export to offline Knowledge Base Reto (1)
     Visibility of IT staff / projects Christian Severin (2)
     where is the perforce integration? rafael (2)
     Which file sends email notifcations Karan (2)
     Links to intranet UNC files? Terry Anderson (3)
     Customizing Public View Steven Burnett (4)
     total results returned by search Kamal Kantawala (1)
     Adding machine to domain hoses FB Mike MacSween (2)
     FogBugz on load balanced IIS servers Henry Stapp (1)
     Error: Type Mismatch: 'ixCategory' Jason Glassbrook (3)
     Can not log in Roland Whitley (1)
     Bug?  When Resolving a Case -- Assigned To Field Assad E.K. Ebrahim (2)
     URLs cut off in forum messages Erin Young (1)
     Clearcase integration - here it is Steve Brown (2)
     RSS support for fogBUGZ? Matt Hoffman (5)
     Closed cases do not appear on my Cases list Dermot O'Loughlin (2)
     Escalation Ken Dowling (1)
     date ranges Trevor Hughes (2)
     Want to purchase, but have reservations... Kindler Chase (2)
     Session timeouts Rod Hardy (3)
     Can I display the version in the Grid View? Matt Hoffman (3)
     User permissions Pedro Vieira (1)
     Changing picture of the day Alek (3)
     Usability niggle Adam Smith (3)
     Uninstall Farid (1)
     Licensing question Mark Tempest (1)
     Automatic attachment conversion Nick Trout (0)
     How many people have customized FogBugz? Jon Newton (1)
     VSS question A.D. Kent (1)
     Blank Incoming Emails Ned Bryant (4)
     Reverse Sorting Orders Robert Gerovski (0)
     e-mail question A.D. Kent (4)
     Email Problem Kelly Hoerner (5)
     Pre-populating the bug description Adam Smith (3)
     Import from BugZilla Michael H. Pryor (4)
     Mailboxes Marko Mazeland (1)
     Check for new mail Marko Mazeland (6)
     Search finds Closed cases when it shouldn't. Mike Paddock (4)
     Email Submission Issues and Feature Requests Mike Paddock (1)
     Primary QA per Project? Corey Reid (0)
     Filtering on bugs resolved today, by person Steve Kalkwarf (1)
     Feature request: format control Andrew Lighten (1)
     Setup Program Stalls Tom Rosso (1)
     Full text search not working Bob Gusek (5)
     Editing committed file list Philip Yurchuk (5)
     Subscribe to all bugs feature Eric Jenkins (0)
     URLs in entries no longer clickable Mike (3)
     Intermittent "Login failed for user (null)" errors Michael Dorfman (3)
     Installing fogbugz gives a IIS error John-Paul (1)
     Feature Requests Matthew Hopkins (3)
     Undecided Mike MacSween (2)
     close multiple cases bug? Scott Stonehouse (5)
     Feature Request: "Disable" a project Eric Vitiello (5)
     Duplicate cases when submitted by email. Colin Potter (3)
     Another scoutSubmit.asp question... Andrew Lighten (5)
     Submitting cases via scoutSubmit.asp Andrew Lighten (2)
     Transfer of FogBugz software... Dan S. (2)
     ActiveX and Delphi Erick Sasse (4)
     public submission bug Jon Newton (1)
     FogBUGZ Knowledge Base has been revamped Customer Service (0)
     case hangs IE Richard Lawrence (4)
     Differences between Scout and email Murph (2)
     FogBugz on Groove RS (1)
     Feature Request: Pocket Internet Explorer support Ralph Shillington (1)
     Odd messages Kelly Hoerner (2)
     Attachments and inline Screenshots Kelly Hoerner (5)
     006~ASP 0177~Server.CreateObject Failed~Element no Steve Cady (3)
     Attachements do not load 3.19 Dean Efpatridis (3)
     Filter on time last Edited Mat (3)
     Edit email-contents Adrie Bouwmeester (0)
     Modify public submit form Ray Ellington (1)
     feature request: New cases in project Adriaan van den Brand (1)
     Subscribe to all bugs in a project? Or CC? Gillian Gutenberg (2)
     No FogBUGZ for FogBUGZ? Olivier Dagenais (3)
     FogBUGZ filling up BugEvent table Ryan Duffield (6)
     MS03-039 Security Patch and FogBugz Jim Breffni (1)
     How Does FogBugz handle Email Errors? Assad E.K. Ebrahim (2)
     Error after upgrade to 3.1.9 Paul (3)
     Feature Request: Auto-subscribe me to bugs Simon Law (4)
     I think the Win2K SP3 stomped on my ODBC connectio Paul Mrozowski (2)
     3.1.9 Speed Bump Eric Jenkins (1)
     More control over notification Richard Gillam (6)
     Elapsed Time Erick Sasse (1)
     FB 3.1.9 keeps telling me new version is available john (3)
     Enhancement: Admin "force" subscription JM (4)
     edit "My Cases" filter (enhancement?) John Mulhollen (1)
     Scout Documentation? John Mulhollen (6)
     Download Trial Database Mat (2)
     Reports problem Adriaan van den Brand (1)
     Filter on multiple projects Adriaan van den Brand (0)
     Add priority to emails? Jeff (2)
     Mailbox Filters Eric Vitiello (4)
     Multiple installations, shared database Andy Finkenstadt (2)
     Spam not auto-deleting? Steve Kalkwarf (4)
     Full text search Simon Perry (1)
     Groups Adrie Bouwmeester (7)
     Using Fogbugz with MS Project Alicia (0)
     Reinstalling Mike MacSween (2)
     where do I find closed cases Leonard Jansen (1)
     Email into Fogbugz Elaine Burns (3)
     Projects or Areas? Erick Sasse (2)
     Mass email all users? Scot (1)
     <font> tags in comments Mat (3)
     Selecting Column for the Grid Listing Sean Leyne (1)
     Bug ID increments in large steps (3.1.9) Juerg Geiser (2)
     CVS Integration Adrie Bouwmeester (0)
     Can a non-user subscribe to a case? Mat (3)
     Using Inline Pictures Elaine Burns (1)
     Automatically logged out with IE under Win CE Harald Polster (1)
     WinCVS and FogBugz integration Mau-En Lee (11)
     FogBUGZ on OS X Gary Warren King (2)
     permanently delete items? Adriaan van den Brand (4)
     Email issues and licensing Mat (1)
     Versioning ? Marco (2)
     VSS with multiple databases Adriaan van den Brand (4)
     Setup unable to list existing databases Mark G. Thibault (1)
     McAfee Virus Scan Bryan Hall (1)
     Search times out I like to search (0)
     Drop Down Box Sizing Mike Paddock (3)
     Editing fields when resolving Andrew (1)
     Cases disappearing Denis Basaric (4)
     3.1.9 Not stripping HTML tags Kiere El-Shafie (2)
     L10N with ease Toshiyuki Sato (3)
     Filter by Recent Changes (Feature Request) Mike Paddock (4)
     project leaders Adriaan van den Brand (5)
     Reply/Forward To: Line Length Mark G. Thibault (2)
     Reports? Adriaan van den Brand (2)
     print improvement(CSS) Adriaan van den Brand (1)
     Assigning bugs based on the email subject field Adrie Bouwmeester (4)
     Projects sort order Adriaan van den Brand (3)
     Passwords for admin only? Nate Silva (1)
     Perforce Integration nathan (2)
     Filter on multiple projects? Philo (1)
     Hosting Lee Semel (6)
     Trouble logging in with Mozilla Patrick Colgan (2)
     Resolve & Close in 1 button Richard (1)
     Resolved Waiting for Info, but keep ownership? Jim Correia (3)
     Feature Request: Multiple tasks in estimates Torben Koch (0)
     FogBUGZ 3.1.9 released Michael H. Pryor (2)
     Just purchased, downloaded 319 but screens say 317 Len Holgate (2)
     HTML Email Problem Kiere El-Shafie (2)
     Filter on multiple 'Assigned To'? Darin Dew (0)
     Estimate field adds all numbers? Xpander (1)
     Support for "ms-help" URLs Andrew Lighten (3)
     Sending mail from the fogbugz server Wayne (3)
     Is FogBugz Configurable Mark Pusey (1)
     VSS and UNC Paths Erik Holt (1)
     Dispatcho issues Andres Aguiar (3)
     Multiple assignees John Posada, Senior tech Writer (3)
     Japanese support? Koji Ishii (1)
     More status types?  Opened vs. Accepted Henry Goldwire (2)
     Trying to display Thumbs.db David Petersen (1)
     Changing My Cases Kevin Moore (1)
     Export to XML or XLS? Kirk Marple (3)
     Preferences - GridView jeff mathews (1)
     BUGZID jeff mathews (1)
     Appeal for help from FogBUGZ customers Michael H. Pryor (1)
     Bug collecting bugs from POP3 box murph (0)
     Filter view suggestion Kirk Marple (0)
     Printing cases Michael Chernenko (1)
     Users cant login Matthew Andrews (2)
     oracle Lou (5)
     Restricting Access To Projects Phil Arundell (6)
     Where is Site Configuration? Simon Jones (1)
     Feature Request: permanent link to bug comment JN (3)
     Clickable links in project boxes Eric Vitiello (1)
     Bug in changing projects Mike Gunderloy (2)
     VSS support vs. CVS and Perforce ODN (3)
     Recording error when sending mail Peter Hebert (2)
     Grid View Sandy (1)
     Feature Request: Nav Bar and GRID View JD Dickinson (0)
     Feature Roadmap? Marcin Danielak (3)
     Can Dispatcher be installed on a second machine Daniel Goodman (1)
     Extending FogBUGZ Documentation? Eric Vitiello (2)
     Time Zone Difference Amy L (1)
     Filter items on length of Estimate Eric Vitiello (0)
     Shared Filters Robert Kay (1)
     Where to get Latest Version Wayne (3)
     Searching on Version field Scott Cravens (1)
     FugBUGZ product release cycle Michael Mayne (2)
     Feature Request: release version description Michael Mayne (4)
     Don't assign closed cases to the CLOSED person Hallvard Vassbotn (0)
     Error sending mail... A error occured in the proto john mulhollen (1)
     The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch Michael Mayne (1)
     case version: why free text? Michael Mayne (1)
     Case linking Michael Mayne (2)
     Feature request: project groups Michael Mayne (1)
     Feature Request: create ref. data on the fly Michael Mayne (0)
     FogBUGZ as a Use Cases tracking tool? Michael Mayne (2)
     Rename a computer Mike MacSween (3)
     Document Process Control and Attachments - Inquiry Assad E.K. Ebrahim (3)
     CVS log message Jason Luther (2)
     Changing Estimated time audited? Ivan (3)
     En Masse Editing Colin Sarsfield (4)
     How to edit "Opened" text Graeme Hood (1)
     Malformed URLs Scott Cravens (4)
     Delete a user Robert (1)
     Search Within Filter (Feature Request) Sam Mikes (2)
     Client Field Wayne (8)
     How did you hear about? Farid (1)
     Single user pack Farid (6)
     VSS Integration Chris (8)
     Translations to other languages Martin Dupuis (1)
     Filtering resolved cases for a user Trea Heapes (3)
     Procedural Question Kevin Moore (1)
     Resolved cases showing as open Trea Heapes (1)
     General evaluation Trea Heapes (2)
     cvs integration, link to fogbugz Ray Hixson (1)
     Replicating for "out of office" use Mike Bowe (1)
     Hosting Experiences Trackless (1)
     Perforce integration for past changelists Richard Lawrence (4)
     Moving from one server to another Kevin (2)
     creating new projects and areas Mike Bowe (0)
     trial version email Jason Luther (1)
     Vault integration Ryan Duffield (2)
     Multiple stages of "verified" Gillian Gutenberg (0)
     FogBUGZ as CRM Jonathan Blocksom (6)
     FogBugz bug URLs Tim Sullivan (1)
     Include a local Discuss in FogBugz? Hallvard Vassbotn (1)
     Option to show Closed cases in left-menu Hallvard Vassbotn (1)
     Automatic Refresh ? Juerg Geiser (2)
     Subversion integration Daniel Gehriger (3)
     Emailing an Attachment -- I get two paperclips... Assad E.K. Ebrahim (4)
     Web Services Ralph Shillington (3)
     User Permissions Rene Fehr (7)
     Automate logins Tom Bougan (4)
     Rename a filter? Jim Correia (1)
     Attachment Size Limit -- proxy server problem Sam Mikes (1)
     Incoming submissions don't always trigger notices? Assad E.K. Ebrahim (4)
     Bug creation - who does what? Mike Bowe (3)
     Windows Server 2003 marc (2)
     Better support for Project Areas Hallvard Vassbotn (5)
     ASP 0115/0177/0241 dlgbugediting.asp Michael H. Pryor (2)
     Email and CVS integration Tyler Barnett (1)
     Preventing duplicate replies? Jim Correia (4)
     Can email attachments become bug attachments? Josh Buedel (1)
     Moving FogBUGZ to other site Gyula Karakas (3)
     Some email replies through FogBugz not recorded Paul Morton (5)
     Internal Error from ScoutSubmit.asp Matt Liggett (1)
     ole.obj embedding Paul Morton (3)
     IE 6 Blocks Cookie Chris Ormerod (2)
     Feature request - RSS feeds Randy Holloway (2)
     Picture of the day Andy Elmhorst (1)
     Areas not shown Rene Fehr (2)
     C# BugzScout wrapper. Brian M. Schkerke (3)
     Anyone using SQL Server 7? Michael H. Pryor (6)
     This forum. ;) Brian M. Schkerke (0)
     Resolve Assignment Question... Dan S. (2)
     Inline Pics Rene Fehr (3) version Old timer (8)
     Feature request: Support "file://..." URLs Andrew Lighten (2)
     Upgrades & Users Scott Stonehouse (3)
     Test tools June Dixon (0)
     Email notification to non-users Matt Hamilton (2)
     Connection String Issues Nathanael Schulte (1)
     Re-Opening "Filter only returns max of 500 items" Colin Potter (3)
     Project Releases Will (1)
     Feature Request: Set "Fix For" en masse Matthew Hopkins (2)
     Moving FogBUGZ to a new Server Matt Hamilton (4)
     Feature Thoughts: view/edit subscription lists Edward Howie (2)
     Bugzscout Issue Victor Rodrigues (1)
     Setup Projects Darrell Dalka (2)
     Sort by last edited? Jim Correia (2)
     After migration to SQL, no cases found Jason Glassbrook (2)
     Advice on 1 - 7 priorities Paul Morton (3)
     Nit Picking Bryan Hall (1)
     Automatic reply to inquiry Sady (4)
     Users that were having VPN login issues Michael H. Pryor (2)
     Error after installation Joshua D. Stewart (1)
     Integrate Fogbugz into Visual Studio Developer at Ascentium (3)
     Content settings in IE6 mess up logon? Mike MacSween (2)
     Upgrading FogBugz between versions Steve Cady (2)
     How to remove a Release? Gary Manfredi (2)
     How does a technical writer use FogBugz? Don Benson (4)
     Assigning reopened cases to the one who closed it Pascal Bourque (2)
     Feature Tracking / Change Requests brian (2)
     Please enchance FB consistency Alexandre B. Corrêa (13)
     Feature Request: Icon showing New Edit in Grid Elan Dekel (6)
     Enhancement for duplicate handling Andrew Lighten (2)
     Saving attachments to a different location? Pascal Bourque (1)
     Feature Request: Support for Regression Arthur Strutzenberg (0)
     title input box more prominent Taco Ekkel (7)
     Import list of bugs quickly Greg Coleson (5)
     Using Fogbugz for Task management and Due Dates Odin Ortiz (2)
     Filter only returns max of 500 items per page Chris Ball (4)
     checkin limit with CVS integration Jay Makwana (2)
     Using FogBugz for Features Guy Townsend (5)
     wierdness with 3rd "external support" project Arthur Strutzenberg (2)
     Win2k3 Server Oddity Mark Riffey (7)
     Help with directing incoming mail to a case Arthur Strutzenberg (2)
     Minor UI bug Rob Walker (0)
     Email sending without a Mailbox setup Chris Ormerod (3)
     Yes, it was user error, but... Dave (2)
     Migrating from Access to MySql Colin Newell (2)
     Using FogBugz for Task management Pascal Bourque (4)
     How do I get Perfbrowse.cgi? Todd Brooks (1)
     Can the interface be tweaked to my liking? JWA (3)
     Timeout expired error for text searches Walter Seepersad (4)
     Feature Request Carter Terry (3)
     Email replies not being sent David Robison (5)
     FogBugz 3.1.5 Michael H. Pryor (1)
     Alternate sortable fields in Grid View? David Cook (0)
     Customer handling Thomas Dittmar (0)
     Updated in the last x? Daniel Berlinger (1)
     Email signatures Pascal Bourque (3)
     Convert backend from Access to SQL Server Mike MacSween (1)
     Escape key killed my text Asa Packer (3)
     Limit projects users can see Steven Burnett (1)
     Http link on user details page Robert Kay (1)
     Subscribe other people to a bug Robert Kay (6)
     Problems with captions in tables Luciano R. M. Silva (1)
     Batch edits of bugs? Mike (5)
     Sub tasks? Carl Hoeg (2)
     Total Estimated Time Kirk Van Gorkom (1)
     Email integration Ilya Haykinson (7)
     Any problem with .log attachments? Alexandre B. Corrêa (8)
     FogBugz Reports Mike Ridgley (3)
     User-Definable Fields Dave (3)
     HTML email Justin How (5)
     Pictures Folder and System Files Fred Schetterer (1)
     CVSWEB intergration Rob Walker (1)
     International Language Support for attachments Alexandre B. Corrêa (3)
     Hyper-ultra-mega-security-bug? Alexandre B. Corrêa (11)
     Open cases by person question/issue Paul Mrozowski (2)
     Customer-centric use? Adam M (1)
     Notify Person about bug deadline Jerry Pereira (3)
     How do you manage a website under SCS? Colin Newell (0)
     A error occured in the protocol when sending email Dave (6)
     Do not allow user to let title 'untitled' Alexandre B. Corrêa (5)
     Closed Item Purge Fred Schetterer (4)
     Attachment Cleanup Fred Schetterer (1)
     Moving Fogbugz Mike Pun (1)
     Access front end to Fobgubz Mike MacSween (2)
     Problems with Access database connection Stephen Cady (1)
     Documentation and Files for VSS Integration? Dave (5)
     Running VSS integration for historical data Luciano R. M. Silva (0)
     VSS integration and checkings with multiple cases Luciano R. M. Silva (2)
     Seeking to justify my existence... Iain Row (2)
     User accounts in FogBUGZ Matt Hamilton (1)
     cross-platform development Mark Roden (1)
     Customize the priority levels per-project Lee Semel (1)
     using the next issue link. cristobal baray (3)
     Changing Incoming Email Address Jeff McFadden (1)
     globally available filters karan mavai (1)
     Permissions lost after re-installing FogBugz Cesar Mello (4)
     FogBugZ Icon Philippe Back (3)
     FogBUGZ for architecture? Richard Sullivan (1)
     Display precision of estimate/actual times Andrew Lighten (2)
     Data Normalization karan mavai (2)
     Case numbers Sady (9)
     Server error when using "unassignable" version Vassil Kovatchev (3)
     Feature request: sort by bug/Feature/Inquiry Alexandre B. Corrêa (3)
     does email pulled by dispatcho stay on server karan mavai (2)
     Sharing a case with others Mike Pun (1)
     FogBUGZ hosting Farshad Nayeri (7)
     Feature request: 'Development' user Alexandre B. Corrêa (0)
     trial site - emailing a bug not working? Dave Ronson (6)
     see release field in grid view? Tom O'Sullivan (3)
     bugzilla Oleg Smolsky (0)
     MySQL installation woes Mark Roden (6)
     Attatchments being saved in wrong place. Graeme Reynolds (3)
     MySQL v SQLServer experiences s m (1)
     FogBugz as helpdesk software? Robert Moir (9)
     anyone have good reports for crystal reports Arman (0)
     Problems setting up VSS integration Paul Mrozowski (5)
     Renamed/Deleted project still appearing in list Charisma Schlossberg (1)
     Timeout after attaching a file (URGENT) Alexandre B. Corrêa (7)
     8 hour days Jeff Key (2)
     No elapsed time without estimate Andrew Lighten (1)
     How do I limit user access to other projects? Paul Mrozowski (4)
     Own categories Mike MacSween (4)
     Minor installation bug Paul Mrozowski (1)
     How do I change "My Cases" Colin Potter (2)
     Tracking of changes to "Releases" Colin Potter (0)
     Problems with persistence and entering multiple ca Paul Ringger (3)
     Multiple projects with different 'sharing' Mike Pun (0)
     Re-installation David Short (1)
     Anyone using CVS integration - repository on UNIX? Michael H. Pryor (2)
     Stop reassignment to originator when case resolved Chris Ball (1)
     153 Processes Jason (9)
     How do I receive all FogBUGZ Case notifications? Jonathan Goodyear (aka angryCoder) (2)
     HTML Attachments - Setting? Intention? or Bug? Assad E.K. Ebrahim (5)
     User Interface Bug? Assad E.K. Ebrahim (2)
     Global Filters rz (2)
     Palm Pilot link Andrew Lighten (1)
     New browser window to follow a link Sady (1)
     selected And checked Carl Revell (1)
     Linux Web Browser and Missing Carriage Return Conrad Krieg (3)
     vss_fbupdate.wsf hangs if new files linked to bug Chris Johnson (2)
     Enterprise scale? The Goose (0)
     Is FogBugz concurrency-safe? Alexandre B. Corrêa (10)
     Replying with Multple Mailboxes Joe Madia (2)
     Problem with vss_fbupdate.wsf Lars Buur (3)
     emailing a demo system Mike Pun (1)
     MySQL full text search jerry halstead (2)
     Email notification doesn't mention attachment Richard Sullivan (1)
     Customer field Marco van Zelst (3)
     Seeing more details Colin Newell (2)
     FogBugz User Account and Possible Bug David Buksbaum (3)
     .net bug registry? Mark Zeren (0)
     Attached Document Download Bug? Sam H (2)
     GetUrlPrefix returning ip address Ray Ellington (1)
     Site name autosensing. Colin Newell (2)
     "Default" to middle priority Michael Chermside (3)
     Build Number Autogenerator Sam H (1)
     Site License Sam H (1)
     Advice on Catagorization Michael T. (1)
     Login cookie shouldn't be tied to an IP address Nathan Silva (4)
     Email out of FogBugz Colin Potter (5)
     Upgrades Colin Potter (2)
     Feature Request - Referenced By Jason (6)
     Recommendation (or point of view) Request Karin Barad (3)
     PivotTable analysis Alexander Lozhechkin (3)
     delete mailbox bug Jon Newton (1)
     Email to two different mailboxes Jason (0)
     Looking for Visual Source Integration Beta Testers Michael H. Pryor (6)
     Project organization? Sady (1)
     A bug? Alexandre B. Corrêa (1)
     Install...sigh Mark Wrenn (3)
     Don't reassign Fix For when Assignable is "No" Nathan Silva (2)
     External Customers restrictions andrea optekamp (1)
     Suggested Validation Jason (1)
     FogBugz works on IE 5.5 but not IE 6 Miguel P. fair (1)
     Yikes! Notification includes attachment Jason (2)
     Automatic Priority Jason (0)
     Email notification problem Clarence Duan (2)
     Routing Reopened Bugs... err  cases. Sam H (4)
     Fixed For Marc (1)
     E-mail Problem? Jason (4)
     Make passed release dates unassignable option Jeff Key (2)
     custom fields steve jones (1)
     Anyone using Win2003 RC2? Jeff Key (0)
     integration with VSS Chaz Larson (11)
     Add support for minutes in Estimate time fields Lorne Laliberte (3)
     Closing off a Release Emma Kaid (1)
     Stopping Dispatcho service Rik (2)
     Calculation of total estimated time Alicia Nachman (1)
     Creating Releases in Trial Version Monnix Jelinek (3)
     Email encoding Sergey Simakov (0)
     Email Case Arun Kumar (1)
     Attachment Attributes Graeme Reynolds (1)
     Multiple Attachments - Again Walter (0)
     Feature? Assad E.K. Ebrahim (3)
     BUG - Changing version for bug doesn't record Karan Mavai (4)
     creating a report with assigned to and owned by Walter (2)
     mailboxes screen (trial) Alan Armstrong (2)
     How do I mark as duplicate Karan Mavai (2)
     Email into FogBugz with alias Malcolm (2)
     HTTP error 401.1 - Unauthorized: Logon Failed Kris (1)
     Underlines too low in Mozilla Nathan Silva (1)
     Feature request: search whole words Andre Quites (1)
     Canceling a reply leaves the assignment Nathan Silva (0)
     Syntactic sugar Colin Newell (1)
     Problems in search tool Alexandre B. Corrêa (2)
     Problem updating site configuration Victor Rodrigues (1)
     SPAM designation should be a group action (Bug) Assad E.K. Ebrahim (3)
     Emails with Attachments -- Bug? Strange Behavior! Assad E.K. Ebrahim (5)
     Getting "Remember Me at this computer" to work? Assad E.K. Ebrahim (3)
     1-minute-answer quick question Alexandre B. Corrêa (4)
     Mysql - Chilli asp version Toby Allen (2)
     Priority Zero Steve Kalkwarf (3)
     Daily reports Steve Kalkwarf (1)
     Restrict closing of bugs to admin only? Hong Meng (2)
     Installation Nightmare Graeme Reynolds (4)
     Displaying Project field in reports Andrew Watkin (0)
     Problem uploading files Jon Tresadern (5)
     Documentation configuring ODBC Johan Koerts (2)
     Licensing Question Colin Potter (1)
     Active yet resolved status June Dixon (5)
     Can't login using Internet Explorer Tom Söderlund (4)
     Typo on "Change settings for user" page Richard Sullivan (1)
     Who's subscribed? Jim (5)
     Can I break a duplicate relationship? Steve Kalkwarf (1)
     Is it possible to... Graeme Reynolds (4)
     Multiple projects within FogBugz Stephen Cady (2)
     Usability of this Forum Patrick Gaumond (1)
     Is all.sql available? Karan Mavai (1)
     Teamtrack vs. FogBUGZ Andres Torrubia (0)
     8 hours per day Stephan Westen (3)
     My Cases - always in grid view? Jim (1)
     Import as bug/feature instead of inquiry? Jim (1)
     Batch changing inquiry/bug/feature? Jim (2)
     Subscribe en masse June Dixon (1)
     Subscribe email June Dixon (3)
     Search failure usability improvement Mikey (1)
     Message Template Neil Attard (1)
     List of logged on users? Colin Potter (1)
     ScoutSubmit Question Tim Lara (1)
     Bug? No Email upon re-open and re-assign. Wayne Bloss (1)
     Automatically subscribe to bugs I enter Nathan Silva (1)
     Request: default contact for each area Lorne Laliberte (1)
     attachments using email-into-FogBUGZ Alfred Haas (1)
     Customizing FixFor Rik Barker (2)
     Tracking bugs through multiple dev branches Darrin Fry (1)
     E-mail-enabling "regular" cases David Thompson (1)
     SPAM and other buttons can only be seen by admins? Nathan Silva (2)
     List view vs. Grid View Marcus Blankenship (4)
     MSExchange POP3 Instructions Tim Lara (12)
     Norton Anti Virus Script Blocking Mike MacSween (3)
     Splitting a case Rik (2)
     How do I use Duplicate Tracking? Tim Lara (3)
     Notification Email URL Tim Lara (2)
     Keep it simple! Alexandre B. Corrêa (0)
     Database size Craig Booth (1)
     Search should start with focus in the box Geoff Michaels (1)
     release schedule? cristobal baray (1)
     I Think it's Just Me Miguel Pierre Fair (4)
     # of SQL licenses? jerry halstead (4)
     Session issues Rik (3)
     Upgrading 2 to 3 and access to sql Jason Glassbrook (3)
     Read only access for some users? Colin Potter (5)
     FogBUGZ Standalone Mike MacSween (0)
     Dave's Quick Search and FogBUGZ Lou Franco (6)
     Dependencies Paul Wolpe (3)
     Licenses June Dixon (1)
     Questions about Dispatcho Patrick Gaumond (2)
     version field JN (2)
     ASP setup problems Paul J. Mills (1)
     More than 1 Administrator Imran Gulma (3)
     Restricted interface. Jan Ahlbeck (1)
     Thoughts on using FogBUGZ Eric R (5)
     simple url format... JN (6)
     problem with subscribe link JN (1)
     Track number of hours per developer per date Sanjoy Sahgal (5)
     Log On : User Imran Gulma (5)
     Change primary contact? Matthew Brooks (1)
     Possible Usability Weakness: Easy to lose an entry Assad E.K. Ebrahim (0)
     Incrementally Adding User Licenses Assad E.K. Ebrahim (1)
     Feature Request: Release Dates for each Project Assad E.K. Ebrahim (4)
     Access to older threads Anonymous (1)
     setup problem Graeme Hood (3)
     Extra field to record CLIENT Sanjoy Sahgal (4)
     History in reverse chronological order Sanjoy Sahgal (3)
     projects Tyler Maudlin (1)
     Time of bug entry, why the server's? Erik (2)
     Less Priorities Possible? mark tortolano (1)
     Visual SourceSafe mark tortolano (4)
     Reports Tyler Maudlin (2)
     external users cristobal baray (4)
     IE6 on local intranet machine with '-' or '_' Michael H. Pryor (3)
     Can someone compare this to bugzilla please Hunter Peress (8)
     FB3.0 Seems MUCH SLOWER David Avraamides (11)
     Line Endings in notification emails Will Dean (3)
     Trying out some features Sanjoy Sahgal (1)
     Spam Proofing our discuss boards Charles Reich (3)
     Support for non port-80 sites? Justin Gehtland (5)
     Moving DB and Backups Rik (3)
     RSS for FogBugz? Daniel Berlinger (2)
     Sorting by Estimated Time Justin Walgran (2)
     How does the product registration work Tony E (1)
     My Cases Rik (2)
     Feature Request: Branch Tracking Mike Pelley (1)
     alert when release date exceeded Stephan Westen (1)
     Getting logged off? Brian Smith (4)
     Lots of bugs Simon Steele (1)
     Potentiel bug Lars Buur (8)
     4 eng. days to load test... Bob Hu (3)
     Incoming e-mail attachments? ns (1)
     Problem submitting bug Alicia Nachman (1)
     Text search for filters Chris Dunford (4)
     Why FogBUGZ? Dan Austin (5)
     Filters Confusing... ... (5)
     Re-Categorizing Bugs Tim Lara (4)
     Attaching Files using ScoutSubmit Ken Klose (3)
     Multiple Attachments Nigel Quinnin (1)
     Use our own differencing tool Anthony Egerton (3)
     Will FogBugz Run on a Linux Server? Justin Tanner (4)
     Changing estimate isn't really logged Patrick Gaumond (1)
     Show current date on bug report Alicia Nachman (1)
     Estimate unit Alex Price (3)
     Petty Bug? Gwyn Carwardine (1)
     FogBugz 3 Pricing out of my reach Justin Tanner (3)
     Attached pictures becoming embeddded in page, Jon Tresadern (14)
     Accessing ScoutSubmit from custom HTML page Ken Klose (4)
     .NET/ASP Decision Jason Wellnitz (1)
     WOW! Alexandre B. Corrêa (2)
     Mozilla JavaScript error in the bug list? ns (3)
     French Accent support Patrick Gaumond (6)
     Emails Tim Sullivan (1)
     Doesn't work properly in Opera Yan Woo (3)
     activation Roberto (0)
     How will setup upgrade my database? John Cormie (4)
     Setup was a bit of a bust :-( John R. Troy (12)
     Feature? or am i missing it? Andrew McTeer (1)
     FogBUGZ 3.0 is Here! Joel Spolsky (0)
     What kinda monitor is this? Doug Hay (1)
     How to approach/sell license based software Joao Prado Maia (3)
     Remember my last settings Jozsef Toth (2)
     Customers can only close a case? TimH (3)
     Is it just me, or... Anonymous (5)
     Don't allow empty subject Sam Mikes (4)
     Feature Request: View for External Submitters Michael T. (5)
     New in 3.0 Joel Spolsky (3)
     Priority field and other... Alicia Nachman (2)
     Integration with CVSNT Patrick (1)
     Attachements Hrag Kopooshian (1)
     Administrator, not really a user ... James Ladd (3)
     Project Area - Bug ? James Ladd (1)
     More Notifications Please ... James Ladd (8)
     Using areas Chris Dunford (1)
     Project Access Control ... James Ladd (5)
     FogBUGZ 3.0 System Requirements Tim Lara (3)
     open database shared Alfred Haas (2)
     non-SetUP package Baruch (4)
     And the new features are... Patrick (1)
     History in newest to oldest order? Mark Zeren (4)
     external bug entry forms Neil Hoopman (4)
     Custom fields in FogBUGZ Jeremy Dobrick (2)
     Feature Request: Capture More History Chuck Karish (2)
     Integration with Perforce SCM? Ben Lowery (3)
     Bug?...Sort of. Tim Lara (3)
     Feature request: Filtering within Filter Alexandre B. Corrêa (0)
     Cutesy photos Richard Sullivan (9)
     Feature request: Add Previous/Next Bug buttons Alexandre B. Corrêa (5)
     Feature Request: Extend Search to Topic Text Conrad E. Krieg (3)
     Fast and slow web browsers Conrad E. Krieg (1)
     Getting detailed bug info into Excel Robert Evans (1)
     FogBUGZ 3.0 coming November 4, 2002 Joel Spolsky (5)
     Very slow response Graeme Hood (5)
     FogBugs and Hotmail Nixxk (1)
     Export/Migrate bugs from trial version Matthew Lock (2)
     can you export data from fogbugz to Test Director? susie (1)
     Moving bugs: Remind me my bug, please Jean-Yves Deschênes (1)
     full-text indexed Darren Haas (2)
     Closing resolved bug. JaSikor (5)
     open bugs summary table. cristobal baray (4)
     Removing sample project vijay patel (1)
     Bug: wSendmail file access Jim Causey (1)
     File uploads change to IIS? Jim Causey (4)
     Feature Request: separate SQL login Jim Causey (5)
     Problem Closing Bugs Jim Causey (1)
     Email with authentication John Barnette (5)
     Filters and opened date Conrad E. Krieg (3)
     Automatic email notification Conrad E. Krieg (8)
     Including Project Name in e-mail Subject line John Moore (1)
     session control not working Jonathan Newton (1)
     SQL Login for Web Server Graeme Hood (5)
     Project Security Somewhat Confused.... (1)
     Querying resolved bugs Alexandre B. Corrêa (0)
     CDO/CDONTS instead of BUGZ_SMTP_SERVER? Steven F. Johnson (1)
     mozilla David Resnick (2)
     Customizing FogBugz Alexandre B. Corrêa (1)
     Change the Project on a Bug David Rider (1)
     FogBugz on Linux via Chilisoft Matthew Lock (3)
     Fogbugz and apache on same Web Server timothy Otte (1)
     Can't get "stay logged on forever" feature to work David Avraamides (3)
     Firehose mode Chris Dunford (1)
     bugzid Chris Dunford (1)
     Version 3.0 Alexandre B. Corrêa (1)
     Search Chris Dunford (2)
     Automatically use NT login id? David Avraamides (6)
     Cannot submit bugs - Please help vijay patel (1)
     No Password protection for Admin? Vijay Patel (2)
     Filtering deleted users in Filter page Alexandre B. Corrêa (4)
     Working on WinXP Pro? Mike Gray (2)
     Please find a solution for this UI common problem Alexandre B. Corrêa (1)
     Failing Scripting Test Scott (7)
     Can I change somewhere login timeout ? Pavel Sladky (1)
     VBScript runtime error '800a000d' Amarant Merah (4)
     Email notification problem Vijay Patel (1)
     How do I... Alexandre B. Corrêa (8)
     Can I run FogBugz on XP Professional? Jarek Sikora (2)
     Assigning a bug at different point in process Sam H (6)
     Pull down filter list Hrag Kopooshian (3)
     Multiple contacts in Email Hrag Kopooshian (1)
     Go to Bug # Chris Dunford (2)
     Looking for guidance on "Fix for" Tony Bishop (1)
     Filter names containing double quotes (") Tony Bishop (1)
     Top & bottom menu bars differ Tony Bishop (1)
     "Show me bugs fixed since <date>" Jeremy Friesner (2)
     Version the same across projects Erick Thompson (0)
     How long did that take... Murph (2)
     Including time in item views Chris Dunford (1)
     Version 3.0 Distribution Jim (4)
     Kudos, and question about migrating... Jim Causey (3)
     Request: a way to edit existing bug reports Lorne Laliberte (3)
     A way to reorder filter list? Lorne Laliberte (1)
     Suggestion: use <pre> instead of &nbsp; Lorne Laliberte (2)
     HTML formatting in bug reports? Lorne Laliberte (1)
     Enter elapsed time directly from resolution page? Mike Weber (2)
     Suggestion: New Filter for RESOLVED Luciano R. M. Silva (2)
     URLs for items Chris Dunford (1)
     Search Engine Alexandre Balestrin Correa (0)
     New feature Request: Search for title and bug text Alexandre Balestrin Correa (3)
     Workflow Hannes van Wyk (1)
     MSDE as an alternative to SQL Server? Bernard Vander Beken (2)
     setting up fogBugz - is it easy? JaSikor (2)
     Undecided Chris Dunford (1)
     Fix-for version sorting (again) Chris Dunford (6)
     +++ signs by the bug title Hrag Kopooshian (1)
     Priority in auto-email notification Hrag Kopooshian (2)
     My Bugs Chris Dunford (0)
     "Fix for" Sort order in lists Murph (5)
     Sorting My Filters Chris Dunford (1)
     Timeline for 3.0 Release... Tim Lara (2)
     Need to filter on Estimate James Murphy (2)
     what's safe to lockdown? Christoph Berendes (3)
     Assign To J.P. Rhea (3)
     Tabular views and more Scott Evans (5)
     E-mail From: addresses Chris Dunford (7)
     FogBugsDemo Mark W (5)
     Fixed-in version Chris Dunford (2)
     Help Desk Functionality Tim Lara (1)
     Primary Contact Wishlist Tim Lara (5)
     Administrative Option Wishlist Tim Lara (5)
     XML project/area names Dan Sullivan (1)
     bugzid Dan Sullivan (1)
     comments for xml projects Dan Sullivan (2)
     changing passwords Jesse Reiter (1)
     My Bugz J.P. Rhea (4)
     Ideas Steve Barbour (7)
     Scripting test failing Michael Hayman (4)
     Suggestion for new Resolved string Chris Dunford (1)
     Buglettino Chris Dunford (1)
     Bug v. Feature-an example Chris Dunford (7)
     Tip: Making links to other bugs Joel Spolsky (1)
     Pictures Chris Dunford (4)
     email options David Kaufman (3)
     Reports again Chris Dunford (3)
     # of FogBUGZ sites Richard (1)
     Editing FogBUGZ Source Code Zeek-da-Greek (1)
     Search date ranges Chris Dunford (1)
     Unnecessary screen? Chris Dunford (1)
     Improved filters Chris Dunford (1)
     Reports, Bug/Feature field Chris Dunford (8)
     Welcome to the FogBUGZ forum! Joel Spolsky (0)

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