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Questions about Dispatcho

1- If the popper isn't responding fast enough what is the behavior of Dispatcho ? Hamering the server ? Wait until next roundtrip as specified in mailbox prefs ?

2- Can Dispatcho be installed on a different machine ?Basically we want to put ASP files and Dispatcho on a IIS-only machine and the database on another one.

3- Can Dispatcho reject files bigger than X ? Is there a link between the site pref about file uploading and Dispatcho ?

4- Can Dispatcho be programmed to check for email on-demand or at specified hour ?

Thanks in advance.

Patrick Gaumond
Thursday, November 21, 2002

If the pop connection times out, then it just waits until the next roundtrip.  It never deletes a msg from the mail server until it receives absolute confirmation from IIS that the mail was entered into FogBUGZ.

Dispatcho and the ASP files on one machine and the db on another is fine.  But dispatcho must be on the machine where the c:\program files\fogbugz directory is.

There is no connection between the file uploading and Dispatcho.  It basically goes through another mechanism.  To ensure there is never any loss of data, the ENTIRE mail message is always stored in the database AS IS.  So the files sent as attachments are actually stored inside the db, not in the FileUploads folder.

Set the dispatcho timeout on the mailbox prefs to 3600 seconds and it will check for email once an hour.

Michael H. Pryor
Thursday, November 21, 2002

A slight tangent: I'm having trouble getting email attachments (especially Word files) to open when I click on the attachment link WHEN that bug was generated via "email into FogBUGZ".  Word reports that "the document name or path is not valid".  Frustratingly, sometimes it's not a problem, i.e., I've generated many test bugs with attachments and on some of them an attached .doc file will open correctly.  I've looked for a pattern on the successful ones, but don't see any.

I've noticed (& seen discussion) that certain file types (e.g., .jpg, .txt) are embedded in the bug there a list of what other file types this applies to?

Which db table (we're using Access) are these "email into fogBUGZ" attachments stored in?  I can't seem to locate them.


Alfred Haas
Tuesday, December 3, 2002

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