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Changing estimate isn't really logged

In fact only "Edited by name & date" is written.

It's not very precise. We can't see what really changed.

I know there's "original" and "current" but if value change more than twice you don't know who did it and when.

It's something I can live with anyway. Put that in the "Features" box!

Patrick Gaumond
Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Believe it or not, there's a reason for everything :)

Our scheduling feature is based on the method in my article "Painless Software Schedules," in which developers are supposed to spread 8 hours across whatever features they worked on that day, and revise their estimates daily. I sort of thought if you were doing this on a regular basis, keeping a complete record of this would eventually drive people insane.

Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, November 6, 2002

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