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FogBugz 3 Pricing out of my reach

I've being testing out FogBugz 3.0 and i love it. Its got everything i need to keep my projects in order, and save me time, but for me a lowly web developer doing small contracts i cant quite afford the 839US for 10 users, a 1 user licence at 99US is more reasonable, but on any given project i typicially work with 2 - 3 other people. If the 1 user licence was extended to 3 people i that would be perfect for my situation.

That being said i totally understand why you have it priced the way you do. For a small programming company thats completely affordable, and the 100 licences would be an acceptable expense for a larger company. You guys didn't make fogbugz just for kicks you made it to make money.

Justin Tanner
Wednesday, November 6, 2002

In your position, you could buy 3 x 1 user licenses at $297, or $207.90 with the competitive upgrade. This allows you to use 4 *active* people at any given time (one person is free).

You can deactivate the people that you're not working with while you're not working with them, so at any given time 4 people have access to the system but more people are registered. This feature is intended so that you can sort of have a 'floating' license that you recycle, in situations where people come in and out of a team.

Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Hey Joel, how did you decide on your licencing strategy? I'm mid-development of a product at the moment and I've been struggling to determine the best licencing option to use.

The options I see are are:

a. The usual obvious ones
Per seat
Per user
Per server
Per enterprise

b. The unusual obvious one
By usage

c. The stealth approach
Give part of it free and then revert to one of the others once you've hooked your audience.

In a way FogBugz can work by stealth because once you get a few users then usage can start to spread virally as you correctly say. On the other hand you want to get the initial foot in the door and requiring someone to stump up money for something they haven't *really* tried and liked (noone's going to put their real organisational data on a trial site) is probably missing sales opportunities.


Gwyn Carwardine
Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Actually, they already have a Stealth method.  The Demo on their website is Free for a month and a half. 

We needed bug-tracking for a web-based project that didn't have any.  I was getting so frustrated by people just e-mailing me all the changes I had to make, or worse making phone calls.

So once I got it, we HAD to get the program.  In fact, when I finally purchased the 2.0 licenses, we were "down" for about an hour while FogCreek backed up, sent the database, and I installed and imported--and already I got complaints about it being down.

Trust me, their stealth policy is already in place.

John R. Troy
Friday, November 8, 2002

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