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Don't allow empty subject

Our PHB says:

FogBugz should not submit a bug that has no title.  It is easy to do.  Simply do ENTER at any time you are entering a bug and it is submitted.

Perhaps FogBugz could not allow you to assign a bug to someone else until a Title was entered.  That way, only the logged on user would be embarrassed by this quirky behavior.

Have you already fixed this by clever XHTML/javascript validations in FB 3.0?

Sam Mikes
Tuesday, October 29, 2002

This is by design; we decided it is better to have untitled bugs than not get the bug in at all. (You can always add a title later). It is a part of our philosophy of making it super-easy to capture bug reports. The inconvenience of having to go back and add a title later is nothing compared to the reduced number of bug reports you get if people think it's a nuisance to enter bugs... (or if, for example, someone enters a long and important bug report, forgets the title, hits submit, closes their browser and goes to lunch without realizing that their bug was not accepted because it lacked a title, and is now lost forever.)

In the new version FogBUGZ gives you a default title (I think it's "Untitled") so untitled bugs are relatively harmless...

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, October 29, 2002

For the record (I have mentioned this to Joel a couple of times):

For some reason, it seems to be easier to forget to enter a title with the new release.  We have many more instances of untitled bugs than we did with version 2.

Although "(Untitled)" is no huge disaster--they're obvious in the reports and can be easily fixed--I've asked if anything can be done to make the title field more obvious.  In looking at it in the case edit screen, the field is large and colorful, but it's separate from the main box that contains the other key fields (Assigned-to, Category, etc.).  It sorta looks more like page header information.

I would if it wouldn't work better if the title field were simply moved down into the main edit box where it would be more obviously associated with the other fields of the case.  I suspect it wouldn't even need the large type that it uses now (and which doesn't seem to work).

Chris Dunford
Wednesday, October 30, 2002

OK, so that last paragraph should begin, "I -wonder- if it wouldn't..."

Chris Dunford
Thursday, October 31, 2002

I made two changes to FB 3.0, hoping that this fixes the problem:

* when you are editing the title, it's the same font and color as the other edit fields

* if you leave out the title, the bug gets submitted, but you get a little post-it style message at the top encouraging you to edit the bug and provide a title.

We'll see if this helps.

Joel Spolsky
Thursday, October 31, 2002

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