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Priority field and other...

I just downloaded the demo, and it looks great, but there are a few issues that have presented themselves so far...

1) We can change what's in the menu for area & fix-for, but I would also like the ability to do a custom list for Priority and possibly Status, though that's not as important.

2) I know you're trying to save us from ourselves by not allowing custom fields, but maybe giving the option of just 1 or 2 would give added flexibility without going overboard. For example, I would like to add a "Reported By" field so I can keep track of what type bugs are being found internally and by customers. If certain types are always being found by customers before we find them, it could show us a gap in our testing process.


Alicia Nachman
Thursday, October 17, 2002

1 is available in 3.0

2 is also available in 3.0.  Inquiries can be entered into the system and keyed to an email address so you can respond to the person when changes are made to the case.

Michael H. Pryor
Thursday, October 17, 2002

Thanks for the feedback. However, I'm a little confused by the answer to (2). Maybe I didn't describe it correctly, but basically what I want to do is filter bugs by who found them (internal or external). It wouldn't have anything to do with a specific user. Thanks!

Alicia Nachman
Thursday, October 17, 2002

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