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E-mail notification not working properly

I created a sample test case (Case 642).  I subscribed to get notifications on the case.  I assigned the case to a developer and had him change the priority and assign the case back to me (I received an e-mail notification when I assigned the case to him).  When the developer made the changes and assigned it back to me I did not receive an e-mail notification.  I was expecting an e-mail to alert me that Case 642 had been changed.  My e-mail notification is set to "On" under my Preferences.

Should I have been notified when the developer changed the case?

This poses a problem because if I do not receive a notification I will not know when the developers have fixed the reported bugs and know when to retest their changes.

I need a solution rather quickly, as I am about to begin testing a new application next week.

Rosalind Evans
Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I tried to reproduce this and couldn't. Do you have the same email address as this developer?

Dmitri Kalmar
Fog Creek Software
Wednesday, December 15, 2004

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