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Spam technique

Its probably too late for 4.0 for this, but Ill suggest it anyhow.

It would be nice if there was a whitelist for users that could be populated via some automated means, be that posting XML, putting a CSV in a fogbugz "hot folder" or what not.

Because of the nature of our business, our users are known well in advance. Our automated systems know who everyone is (there are no unregistered users except crackers and they dont ask for a lot of help<g>), so we can easily filter our support email From: headers against our customer/prospect list.

The goal here is to avoid spending the time scanning through the suspected-spam pile. At the same time, I dont want to lose a single customer email to a filter.

Another thought is to offer a user exit point where we could do validation ourselves.


Mark Riffey
Thursday, November 18, 2004

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