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"Non-User" User accounts for tracking?

I am thinking about tracking external open issues in FogBugz, such as "open case # nnnn with vendor xyz". A direct way to arrange these would be to create a User for each external vendor and assign the Case in our system. However, this requires a license for each external party, even though they would never log in!

Any thoughts about either a better way to do this, or some way to set up a "Non-user" account that wouldn't use up a license but could have items assigned?

(We 'could' just put the external case ref into an existing FB item assigned to one of us, but this doesn't work well for things that are linked to multiple bugs or are items that will influence dev strategy - no particular bug to assign to.)

Thanks in advance,


Monday, October 18, 2004

Our clients are colleges and they wanted to track their own cases. We hijacked the sComputer field (in table Bug) and store their initials there. We created a simple web app that allows them to lookup their cases and send feedback.. The FB disclaimer  is that they can not provide tech support to modified code. You could also create a completely external system that would track a case number and a client id. Start poking around the tables and asp code.

Jonathan Newton
Monday, October 18, 2004

Interesting idea.

I just had another one... Create a "well known prefix" for the outside tasks and add it as a prefix to each Title (something like "_VendorA_". Then the internal responsible party enters the bug, with this title, and you can sort/select using the built-in filtering tools and still easily see visually what's internal and external work.

This approach seems like it would allow filtering either by the internal responsible party or the outside organization without requiring external programming.

This doesn't cover the "external user looking up their cases" which would still need additional code as per your scenario.


"A different Joel :)"

Thursday, October 21, 2004

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