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Any plans on adding user color coding to text/labels? Here's the situation: We currently use a shared Excel file for bug/task tracking. It's working well in our team of 10 dev/qa but is starting to crack. The file is 10 MB and we do clobber it once in a while when 2 people save simutaneously. We are looking for alternative solution like FogBugz to resolve this and also take advantage of the cool integrated email feature. However, once of the advantage I had with Excel was readability.

We track our changes to the bug tracking by assigning a different text color to each people. Sure, we could've prefixed new text entries with our name. i.e., "Humbug: This is not a bug but a feature." However, it's hard to tell who wrote what when you're staring at screenful worth of stuff. The color coding allows us to intuitively identify who wrote what instantly.

How would this work? Well, when I open the details of a bug and it display a list of notes, changes, etc. Just apply the user color to the text relating to that user. If that makes the system ugly, then just apply it to the username or the background..some sort of separator between text from one user to another so that I don't have to READ the name to identify the user.

I understand that this isn't a very scalable concept but I think it would still be a very useful feature for the majority of FogBugz's customers (small teams).

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. It's always useful to hear what features FogBugz users want to see added. I’m passing your comments on to the development lead for consideration for future releases.

If you have ASP/PHP developers lying around you have the option of adding this to the source code. For a small team, you could just hard code the colors right there in the ASP (as opposed to creating a UserColor table in the database for true support). We ship the source code and you are free to modify it as needed. You can check it into a source control system like CVS or Subversion and let that system merge your changes with our changes when we release a new version. (Disclaimer: we cannot provide technical support to modified code.) 

Fog Creek Software
Thursday, October 14, 2004

Yes, color coding would be nice. In Excel, we used the following scheme:

- Red denotes things that need attention (open cases)
- Blue means ok (resolved cases)
- Gray means "was put on hold" or "won't implement"

Vladimir Golovin
Monday, October 18, 2004

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