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Suggested feature: Configurable default priority

We typically look at our open cases sorted by priority, highest priority first. Our testers committed themselves to specifying a priority for each new case they create, but in reality they seldom do -- new cases wind up as priority 1. Some time after we fixed most of our priority 1 bugs, a manager logged in and saw a lot of new cases listed as priority 1. Most of them in reality should have been listed as lower priority.

So we created a new priority 7, “Priority Not Yet Assigned” and hacked the FogBugz code so 7 is the default priority instead of 1. Now the top of the list shows only true high-priority (mission-critical) bugs.

Of course when we install an upgrade to the FogBugz software (there will be a new version, won’t there?) the hack will be lost.

How about allowing administrators to configure the default priority for new cases? Or else, if the creator of a new case does not specify a priority, show its priority as "not assigned" and provide a configurable option as to where such cases will appear in a sorted list.

Howard Weisberg
Friday, October 1, 2004

I second that! We made an identical hack here.

Jonathan Newton
Friday, October 1, 2004

Which file did you hack to change the default priority? I'd like to make the same change.

John Fuex
Tuesday, October 5, 2004


Wednesday, October 6, 2004

I made my change in cBug.asp.

Howard Weisberg
Friday, October 8, 2004

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