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Full screen width bug reports?

Is there any way to get the bug reports to use the full width of the screen?

On most of my bugs it would sure reduce the amount of scrolling up/down I have to do.

As the bug reports are very short and get fixed immediately, of course <g>

Mike MacSween
Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Not without modifying the source code.

Fog Creek Software
Wednesday, September 8, 2004

It looks like it aught to be fairly easy to change this by modifying the source code (a few .asp files in the Windows version or .php in Linux).

Some experimentation with the DOM Inspector on Mozilla indicates that only three changes are required.  Quoting from the bug report that we have in our evaluation version for deciding whether to adopt FogBugz:

View a bug report in the DOM Inspector, then navigate to the "bugDetails" table either by digging through the tree or just using that find by clicking icon to the left of the binoculars icon and clicking on the top bar of the table.  From there, you can edit the width in the DOM Node view on the right and change it from 740 to 100% and see it change in the browser view below.  Similarly, you can change the width of that third image on the first row to 100% and the rest of the table will open up for you.  Also, the DIV.bugEvent CSS style includes a width of 540px, so that also has to change to 100% for the text in the discussion section to wrap at the full table width.  You need to change the view on the right to the 'CSS Style Rules' to change it in the inspector.

Mark Crocker
Saturday, October 30, 2004

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