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Customisation / localisation

I have been asked to evaluate this FogBUGz thingie, and I intend to be impressed. The Trial Thing looks great, but I wonder how the local installation will work out, after trying to get Another Product installed: it complete wiped my Inbox, hung the mail server, wouldn't forward bug reports by e-mail. This is a relief.

But. There should always be a but, shouldn't there?

In the trial version I have not seen any possibility to adapt the interface.
I want to be able to translate it into Dutch - we happen to be a Dutch company.
Furthermore, I would like to set the display format of dates and times, or at least persuade the application to check the systems settings.
And finally - that is, for this moment :) - I would like to modify the stylesheet to have it all in our Own Colours.

Can anyone comment on this?

-t- · Tom Jacobs
Thursday, August 26, 2004

You can do all these things.

1. All of the language strings are in one file, lang.asp.  You just need to translate it.
2. In the local install you can set your preferred locale for dates and numbers.
3. The style sheet is all in styles.asp.

(Note about the inbox comment.  If you tell fogbugz to check a mailbox it will download and delete all the mail from that mailbox (after it imports it into fb), so be aware that this will happen - You shouldn't use your personal mailbox as a fogbugz mailbox.)

Michael H. Pryor
Fog Creek Software
Thursday, August 26, 2004

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