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FYI or CC Feature for 1-Time Email Notification

There has been some discussion about automated email notifications, in particular whether to have a feature allowing one person to subscribe another to a case.  (I'm not convinced this is a good idea, by the way, as it seems prone to too much noise.) 

However, people on our team often want to send 1-time FYI emails that say essentially, "Boo Boo has asked that you be notified regarding Case 123: Fix broken wawa method.  This is FYI only and no action is required on your part.  Click here for details (and then optionally click subscribe if you are interested in ongoing developments)."  This tells the recipient the name of the person who requested they be notified, so if they get too many from this person, they know who to ask to knock it off.  It lets the recipient know there is no action required, and allows the recipient to decide whether to subscribe.

People on our team often want to send FYI emails to others who have been collaborating on a particular issue.  To accomplish this, we currently either have to go out of FogBUGZ and type a separate email,  or we have to assign the case to someone (knowing they will get an automated email) and then assign it right back.  The problem with the former approach is that it is time consuming, tedious and repetitive.  The latter approach causes lots of false assignment noise.  (It's really just an FYI, specifically not requiring action.)  It would be great if there was a combo box or multi-select list of users for this purpose.

Mike Fahrenkrog
Friday, August 13, 2004

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