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Bug: wSendmail file access

Hi there,

It looks like when FogBUGZ tries to send an email notification, and fails because the logged-on user doesn't have rights to wSendmail.dll, it just returns a blank page and doesn't return any kind of error.

Description: I'm not allowing anonymous access to my FogBUGZ site in IIS; instead, I have two groups, one for my developers and one for testers in another department, which can authenticate to the site.  I had appropriately given rights to all files to one, but didn't give Read and Execute to wSendmail.dll for the other.  Those people, when creating or resolving a bug, simply got a blank page returned to them, and no email notification was sent.  Once I resolved the rights to that file, the problem went away.


Jim Causey
Monday, July 29, 2002

Thanks for the report, we'll fix it

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, July 30, 2002

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