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Manual Status Update at Assign time

It would be very helpful to be able to manually assign a status to a case at the time you assign it to someone.  The intent is to use FogBugz to manage all requirements requests coming in (from various sources), but to also manage that process at a granular level (pending clarification, pending estimation, pending approval, resolved approved, resolved rejected, etc.). 

Adding the statuses into the Status table is a trivial task.  However the current functionality doesn't support what I need to do.  Resolving the case forcibly assigns the case to its creator, and that's the *only* place I have access to change the status.  So it's a catch-22.

What I would like to see is...instead of non-editable text displaying status on the assign page, I'd like to see a dropdown list of statuses from which I can explicitly choose the status.  Yes, we could hack the source and do it ourselves, but we're not in the business of self-supporting 3rd party applications.


Ed Lucas
Tuesday, August 3, 2004

I would like to add a comment in a similar vein.

I think I agree with many or most of Joel's ideas on user interface design. Keeping a minimum of features is important to me. However, I believe the way Status works in FogBugz is simply not sufficient for most people.

The status of a case is either "Active" or "Resolved (XXX)", where XXX is "Fixed", "Duplicate", etc.

The implication is that intermediate states between Active and Resolved are (1) not important; or (2) can be deduced based on to whom the case is assigned. I do not think that knowing the assignee is sufficient evidence of status.

Intermediate states that seem important and standard to me would be, e.g.:


I am aware that I can edit the database to add to the list of possible statuses. However, the user would have to click the "Resolve" button in order to change the status. I don't find that to be an acceptable workaround.

I would like to know if this concern is addressed in 4.0, and if not, if someone from Fog Creek could defend this design choice.


Martin Brown
Wednesday, November 10, 2004

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