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Is it possible to disable the Admin account...

...outside of the GUI?

We have been using FB for about 2 years, and when I set it up I renamed the Admin account to be my account and have been using it that way since then.

Well I will be changing employers in a few weeks and therefore need to disable myself from all the systems here. I made another user the admin user and then tried to make my account inactive like we have done for other people who have left but it tells me we can't disable the default admin user (or make it non-admin).

I am wondering if it is safe for us to set fAdministrator to 0 and fDeleted to 1 manually in SQL server?

Or if not, what is the cleanest way to do this?

Chris Ormerod
Wednesday, July 21, 2004

It uses that account for certain fail-safe operations.  For instance, in cases where it can't assign to a certain user , or you have not yet set the Primary Contact for the project... situations like that where it needs to know it has a fallback account, it will use the built-in Admin account.

You can disable it in the database, but I would suggest just renaming it to Administrator.  I can't be sure about the consequences of disabling it... it may still get bugs assigned to it, etc.

Michael H. Pryor
Fog Creek Software
Wednesday, July 21, 2004

OK thanks.

Might be a feature you guys can look into adjusting to allow (i.e. specifying a new failsafe etc.)

Chris Ormerod
Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I have the same problem as Chris. The person who was administrator is not with us any more and I can not change the built - in administrator.
To be honest I did not understand your comment
"...but I would suggest just renaming it to Administrator."
Do you suggest just to add the new admin and leave the old  built-in admin account to be active. What if that unnecessarily increases the    number of required licenses?
I strongly suggest you update this feature that looks more like a requirement problem to me.

Ana Mirkovic
Friday, September 10, 2004

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